MSNBC Urges FBI Investigation After Caller Insults Biden

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An MSNBC panel wants the FBI to look into the father who told Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon.”

A caller to the NORAD Santa hotline had the chance to talk with Joe and Jill Biden on Christmas Eve and he took advantage of the opportunity.

During the call, he said, “Let’s Go Brandon,” which has been famously substituted for a crude insult to Biden. Biden responded, “I agree, let’s go Brandon.”

Now liberal mouthpiece MSNBC has decided it’s not OK to insult a president. While they may refrain from vulgarity (or euphemisms) on the air, their own hosts frequently insult Donald Trump and seemingly have no issues with anyone else who does so.

Personality Nicole Wallace is among those calling for an FBI investigation into Oregon dad Jared Schmeck.

Rebecca Horvath
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