Inspection Of Dominion Voting Machines In Pennsylvania

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The Fulton County Dominion Voting Machines will be inspected by a Pennsylvania court.

“The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has decided in favor of The Amistad Project and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, enabling the county to submit their Dominion voting machines to the State Senate for examination on January 10,” according to a news statement from the organization.

Did The Machines Work?

“The court recognized that it was improper to demand that the county – which owns the machines and, along with the legislature, is responsible for running the election – be unable to determine whether the machines worked properly,” said Phill Kline, director of The Amistad Project, the non-profit organization that filed the lawsuit.

Democrats Tried to Prevent Inspection

Pennsylvania Democrats sued to try to prevent the investigation.

Whatever the outcome of the inspection, it is a win for transparency and accountability in elections. Joe Biden narrowly won the state’s electoral votes in 2020, after Donald Trump eked out a win in 2016.

Rebecca Horvath
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