Patriot Housewives: Stimulus, Lies, & Seuss

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Patriot Housewives is an NRN+ original podcast by Rose Taylor and Rebecca Horvath. Aimed at addressing politics, life, and family, Patriot Housewives is hosted by two regular moms but made for everyday Americans.

Episode 14

This week, Rose and Rebecca discuss the latest details on the new stimulus package, the double standards for Democrats and Republicans, voting regrets, Joe Biden’s lies, possible 2024 tickets – with listener input! – Dr. Seuss, and much more. 

“What are we stimulating?” we wonder. We dig into the finer points of the stimulus bill and share some of the places our money will go and we warn, “We will eventually pay for this.”

We discuss the liberal wastelands of certain blue states and their disastrous governors: “California is a microcosm of liberalism.” 

And as we share a few of Biden’s lies, our assessment is that – like a box of chocolates – “You never know which Biden you’re going to get.” We’ll be featuring Biden’s newest lies each week.  

Finally, we lament the cancelling of Dr. Seuss and offer some non-professional suggestions on how to spend your stimulus check. 

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