UK is Free: Brexit is Completed

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Brexit has occurred. The UK is no longer part of the European Union. The long Brexit transition period has finally come to an end. The UK stopped following the EU’s rules at 11pm on New Years Eve.

Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU became law overnight after clearing Parliament later Wednesday, when MPs and peers approved this in a single day.

Reaction was swift Chief Brexit Negotiator David Frost tweeted  “We have a great future before us.” He added, “Britain has just become a fully independent country again – deciding our own affairs for ourselves…. Thank you to everyone who worked with me (and) Boris Johnson to get us here in the last 18 months…. We have a great future before us. Now we can build a better country for us all.”

Nigel Farage tweeted: “This is a big moment for our country, a giant leap forward.” Farage also said December 31st is a “moment to celebrate 2021 as an independent United Kingdom.” We went on to proclaim, “It’s a big moment in our national story and the end of a very long road for tens of thousands of us who fought against the establishment.”

Brexit is a massive defeat for globalism. It’s the perfect New Year’s gift for the people of the United Kingdom. Like the election campaigns and presidency of President Trump, Brexit is a massive repudiation of the establishment.

Seth Segal
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