Former Democrat Van Drew Wins Re-Election

Former Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey won re-election last week, despite pundits warning his party switch would hurt him.

After Democrat leaders impeached President Donald Trump in 2019, Van Drew defected from the party and aligned himself closely with Trump. Critics expected the switch to jeopardize his chances at re-election, but he won by 5 percent over Amy Kennedy, a by-marriage member of the Kennedy dynasty.

Van Drew faced extreme criticism for his move, but it clearly didn’t impact voters. He said the result is because voters see how far left the Democrat party is moving.

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Ada Nestor
Ada Nestor
Ada Nestor is a writer for NRN, citizen journalist, and mother of three who is always digging beneath the headlines to find the real story. Nestor left the Democrat Party in 2012 and hasn't looked back.