Book Review: Disinformation

Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism

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The Overton Window sheds light on the manipulation used by political figures and the Mainstream Media (MSM) today. The Overton Window is used to turn a formerly unacceptable belief into a totally acceptable one. This author’s previous article, “Disinformation And The Overton Window,” exposed the disinformation and framing technique widely used by the Soviet Union’s KGB. Today, the Mainstream Media uses this method to defame and to sell the negative narrative against those they want to target for the purpose of destroying their reputation.

“A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth,” said Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister in Nazi Germany. In the world today, there is an endless war of narratives. The MSM calls the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests “peaceful” when viral videos show people being cursed at, physical fights, fires, car accidents, bloodshed, and deaths. The MSM shows no concern that their narrative does not line up with what’s happening in reality. Even the President of the United States falls target to this manipulation. President Trump was the target of a two year special investigation based on the supposed premise that he had won the 2016 presidential election in collusion with Russia. All the wear and tear imposed on the victim by the use of defamatory material is exhausting for the accused. This same level of lies and manipulation currently exist in the 2020 presidential election polls of Donald Trump vs. Sleepy Joe Biden.

Ramparts Magazine

To understand how the media has used the Overton Window for a long time to change concepts and the public’s frame of mind and common sense, let’s look at an interesting story applied in American culture through a Catholic magazine called Ramparts.

A more complete history of this magazine can be found in the book Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa, the former Lieutenant General of Securitate to the KGB of Romania. Let’s follow some quotes from the book to show how the changes the magazine experienced mirrors the concept of the Overton Window. This concept applies misinformation to change the common understanding of a matter, affecting the concepts of anyone who has never been informed on the subject.

In his book, “Disinformation,” Pacepa details the founding of Ramparts magazine in 1962 by Edward Keating. Keating was an American newspaper editor who was, decidedly, left-wing. In 1964, Keating wrote articles in support of a controversial theatrical play called The Vicar.

Ramparts magazine shed most of its Catholic identity shortly after the episode involving the play, The Vicar. In October 1964, Keating said that Ramparts had “come ‘more or less’ from a Catholic point of view, adding that the magazine could be described as Catholic with a small ‘c’.” The magazine even reached an agreement with the Cuban government to publish Che Guevara’s diaries, with an introduction by Fidel Castro. One of the magazine’s former editors, Sol Stern, said that the agreement “required them to publish Fidel Castro’s rhetoric, full of communist propaganda and denunciations of American barbarism.” Stern explained, “We believed that the revolution was a great leap forward for the socialist cause. We followed in the footsteps of one of our intellectual heroes, Columbia University sociologist C. Wright Mills, arguing that Fidel Castro was a new class of revolutionary leader, more humanistic than the old one. In fact, we imagined Fidel and Che as neo-leftist companions.

In Brazil, there is an effort to transform Catholic magazine into a communism-centric publication. Antônio Gramsci foretold in his books that taking control of the nation occurs by taking control of culture. Pacepa continues:

“It was sponsored by the institute for political studies that had been linked to KGB disinformation campaigns. CIA documents released through the Freedom of Information Act confirm that, at the height of 1966, Ramparts was a reliable channel for Soviet propaganda. The CIA even deployed 12 full-time or part-time agents to investigate Ramparts. They identified 127 writers and researchers, as well as almost 200 other people with some connection to the magazine and suspected of favoring the Soviet cause. Many of those investigated came to admit that they were using Ramparts to promote communism.”

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This formerly Catholic magazine that was used to introduce communist ideas also used to speak well of a play, The Vicar, that was created to help defame Pope Pius XII in the 1960s, culminating in a book by John Cornell called “Hitler’s Pope of 1999.” The order for this action was given by Nikita Kruschev himself, using the KGB as a means of action.

This sounds like a spy movie script right? But it is not; unfortunately this was all real. It happens in a different way today but the results are the same. The artistic environment was infiltrated to change the culture of a country, to shape and expand the reach of a supposedly utopian but unhealthy ideology.

Fake News: Today’s Misinformation Technique

Today’s Fake News media sources are a practical example of the combination of disinformation and the Overton Window and how they shape the opinion of a mass of people who are not aware of what the ideas represent. The people parrot lines and ideas they don’t really know and understand, being used as a tool for progressivism (just a reworked name for socialism).

The media shapes the actions of Antifa and BLM. Antifa (supposedly anti-fascist) members do not understand that to fight something that is said to be “fascist,” it is necessary to counter actual fascism.

The Battle Between Good and Evil

Donald Trump helped to bring American patriotism back, bringing pride to the American people and bringing back jobs with the lowest unemployment rate, perhaps, in the history of the United States. He brought peace when the media said that he was going to bring war. The campaign for disinformation remains active today in a more forceful way, using the Overton window as its guide. Disinformation and the Overton Window are the perfect marriage, one in which society is at the mercy of the progressives.

We see that in American states and cities where governors and mayors belong to the Democrat Party, the greatest atrocities against police officers, who help maintain peace in the country, are committed. Of course, there should be a closer look at the media’s relationship with the American left and the Democrats. To overcome this disinformation war, one needs to recognize the philosophy of a man who helped to shape society and American politics in favor of the Democrat party, Saul Alinsky.

Augusto Oliveira
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