Sorry for Not Being Black Enough?

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If ever there was a phrase that is relevant for our day in current year, is the phenomenon of “Get woke, go broke”.  It’s the concept that if an intellectual property (IP) of any kind whether movie or video game adopts a social justice theme or element, then the IP literally goes under.  Actors and actresses also find themselves on the business end of harsh critique at their roles.  Many examples of IPs that have got the SJW route can be seen from Oceans 8, Ghostbusters 2016, the latest Charlie’s Angels of 2018, and that Harley Quinn movie where all those movies took a woke feminist approach.  Video games such as the latest “The Last of Us 2” not only disrespected the characters but added a pro-transgendered aspect to the game and forces you to play him/zhim though the character is the main antagonist.  But what happens when the woke crowd completely comes after you for something you have no control over and the very allies that pushes for diversity reveals that they are the racists and has you convinced you’re not qualified for the role because, skin tone?

Black Woman Apologizes for Portraying a Black Woman?

Obviously you read that and something glitched in your mind.  Trust us when we say, we read that and something glitched inside our minds as well.  You must be asking, “Why would a black woman apologize for portraying a black woman?”  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2020.  This is where getting woke gets you.  You become so woke that you’re apologetic about acting and portraying a role and you’ve gotten backlash because, you’re not black enough.  Some call that “colorism” but logical rational folks call that “clown talk.”  Actress Zoe Saldana, noted for her role as Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise “Guardians of the Galaxy” played prominent R&B singer and civil rights activist of the 50s and 60s Nina Simone in her 2016 biopic.  She came forward on August 7th, 2020 in an Instagram interview and apologized for playing that role.  The reason was the backlash from the woke crowd as well as the Nina Simone estate all came after the actress after she fulfilled her part in the role.

Insanity Ensues

It’s quite clear that you could be so woke that you actually become the monster you’re trying to fight.  These woke clowns are so woke that they are coming after Zoe Saldana and causing her to bend the knee to this mob.  Just because she is a different shade of black or in the urban circles, she’s “light skinned”, the people are taking shots at her.  What is even more insane is that the official Nina Simone Twitter account asked Saldana to never mention Nina’s name every again.  They want us to suspend logic, reality, reason, and character on the back burner and qualify people based on ethnicity and skin tones.  It really is a regressive movement and definitely one where we are reverting back to segregation.  Zoe Saldana did a fine job of portraying the late singer and yet, the woke jokes are gunning for her because she’s just not black enough.  This is where we are at in the culture.  If you’re sitting there thinking that this is crazy, join the club.  But this should also be taken seriously because this is where we are at in this clown simulation where people who take on the woke pill find themselves acting a fool and noone is immune to their attacks.  The frighteningly real thing here is if you go against their narrative, you’re the next target.  Yet, what still stands is our ability to think and reason and fight.  They won’t stop till everyone bows to their wants and if they came after a black woman for portraying a black woman, there’s nothing stopping them coming after you so might as well not capitulate nor apologize.  Let them be offended while you do your best with what you have and what opportunities come your way because the woke crowd will never be satisfied so there is no sense in trying.

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