The Left ARE the Authoritarian Dictators

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For these last few months, we have been reporting on various states and various municipalities with their respective representatives and politicians all acting like little tyrants.  Mayors using their police force to fine people attending a drive-in church service.  Governors using “state of emergency” powers to instill ridiculous executive orders for some parts of society to shut down while other portions, the more less-than- useful sectors of life, stay open.  But now there is a much more despotic Leftist who is wielding power and he just played his hand.

Commiefornia Lives Up To Its Name

If ever there was a stigma regarding idiotic policies bubbling up from the cesspool of elitism, one can sure bank on it coming from coastal elite areas on both sides of the Union.  What one can venture to bet on and win is that whatever liberal policy is enacted up the rest of America, it slithered out from California.  Consider for a moment that this state which was once the bastion of a balance of high octane urban living, prime suburban dreaming, natural beauty, and the envy and destination point for everyone who wants to get big, is now but a shell.  People are leaving California in droves because liberal policies have eradicated the middle class with high property costs, horrible policies affecting living conditions, and all that is left is exactly how any Socialist nation is rendered.  An ultra high elite class and an uber poverty class and a look into Los Angeles is the microcosm that serves as that case study.  Make no mistake though, the push for power is definitely one that you can bet Leftists will make the attempt to grab and recently, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti just put on the Hitler ‘stache, donned the Mussolini hat, and just opted to be tyrant Garcetti.

“For Your Safety…”

Again and again we are keep tabs on these little tyrants who are running around puffing up their proverbial chest and screaming, “I’m in charge!”  You can be sure that when someone pouts and whines, “I’m the leader!” they are in fact, not the leader.  These folks are just power hungry sociopathic megalomaniac and a title alluding to power hits the ego and well, you get these little Stalins running around.  Garcetti announced on Wednesday 8/5/202, that for anyone in any “large gatherings”, the mayor will get DPW to turn off the power and water.  This will go into effect Friday.  With no real definition on what “large gatherings” mean, the arbitrary term potentially could mean that it’s a party of more than 10 people at your house in the Hills.  Garcetti said such gatherings are “super spreaders” of the coronavirus and are potential health hazards.  Let’s remember though, this Wuhan Coronavirus is biologically engineered so perfectly that it knows that during a Black Lives Matter riot, the infection potency is rendered null.  It also knows how to make the distinction between a Trump rally and a riot.  It definitely ramps up infection potency in church and bars.  So Garcetti, being the bastion of intelligence and logic he is exhibiting asserts that house parties are considered large gatherings and in turn, the ‘Rona will spread quickly.  

So imagine, you’re having a house party of any kind that has 12-18 people.  The music is bumping, the drinks are flowing, people are eating and enjoying themselves and each other’s company because quarantine has been crazy!  You enjoyed hosting people, meeting their needs, keeping them satisfied and entertained and everyone goes home and you clean up and get everything back in order.  48 hours later, you try to turn on the light to your bathroom and the light switch won’t turn on.  You then attempting to turn on your faucet in order to brush your teeth and the water won’t run.  You call Department of Water and Power and it was reported that you held a “large gathering” and Corona Karen or a Ken or a Carmen or a Corona Ching or Corona Quanitarey called it in and police followed suit and ordered the shut off.

The Reasons

It seems apparent that this is in direct response to how Grace Community Church pastor, author, and radio host Pastor John MacArthur stated that he will not follow these executive orders to shut down.  He states he will continue to operate as normal and have church indoors.  L.A. threatened the pastor with fines and even jail time but MacArthur placed God over safety and reputation and says he’ll continue fighting to adhere to his faith.  You can read his official position here.  It should then come to no surprise that Garcetti made this push to assert dominance over the pastor and his church community as MacArthur made his statement that Sunday and on Wednesday, Garcetti decided to pull this little Hitlerian move.  Either way you look at it, the optics do not look good for the mayor as his push is indeed an infringement of many Constitutional amendments.  We are definitely seeing the play of a little tyrant and it is not a pretty look nor will the outcome of this move be equally glamorous because Garcetti will find himself in a heap of lawsuits from people all over because of this.  It won’t be pretty and the people who will suffer the most are the citizens of Los Angeles.

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