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Any quick observation of history will reveal that American media at some point didn’t become an unbiased agent of information simply delivering accurate reporting to the American people.  News at one point became a propaganda machine and in particular, a Left leaning media machine.  We are now at a point that it is quite clear that the media are in fact enemies of truth halting the American people from actually getting concise information on any matter.  Denzel Washington’s indictment of the media says it best, “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed.  If you do read it you’re misinformed…” and yet it seems that the media did not get the hint nor did they learn and they keep continuing to show themselves to be the bumbling dimwits we have all seen them to be.

How We Were Awakened

It seems like it was just yesterday when we the people were slumbering under the auspices of the 24 hour news cycle when CNN admitted to be a centrist news organization.  We all knew MSNBC was Left leaning and because of Fox with their Republican voting news personalities like Sean Hannity and Bill O’ Reilly, we on the Right felt at some sense of ease knowing there was balance to the information and with guys like Tucker Carlson on CNN, it seemed as though CNN was that center down the middle news agency.  They had Tucker Carlson and he was able to speak some sense into the issue, bow tie and everything.  

Enter 2015 when a reality television star and billionaire real estate mogul said he would be running for President on the Republican ticket.  MSNBC ramped up their ridiculous narrative spinning but we learned also that CNN and everyone from Chris “Drive like Dom Toretto through subdivisions only drunker” Cuomo and worst journalist of the year, Don Lemon shifted.  The news wasn’t news any longer.  We weren’t getting chirons with information.  We were getting propaganda style headlines.  We then started getting less news and more opinion pieces and spun narratives.  CNN revealed themselves to be the Trojan horse for our homes beaming stupidity into our airwaves day in and night out.  2016 happened and of course, Donald Trump wins the Presidency amidst a “deplorable” populace that is tired of being accused of racism, sexism, and the virtue signaling lectures from the Left from academia, Hollywood, feminists, and now add journalists to the mix and it’s nonstop for people who simply want to love their spouses, raise their families, make their money, work their jobs, pay their bills, and live freely.  Now Don Lemon has to lecture us every night on why Donald Trump is a racist and his supporters are equally racist for voting for him?  The American public is tired of sanctimonious journalists.  And don’t even get started on all of the growing online publication companies like Slate, Vox, Mashable, and NowThis.  Those are the worst of the worst, a proverbial bottom of the barrel.  That is what we are up against and that is the machine the President is fighting tirelessly.

From Presidents, Press Secretaries, and Freshmen

Go ahead and adopt the title when you see a “reporter.” Feel free to call them by their scientific name, “Moronicus Journotardis” also known generally as Moronic Journotards.  Obviously we made this up and clearly this is quite an ad hominem attack to be sure because it seems to be attacking the character of this journalists who claim to be simply asking “poignant” questions to anyone they line up in their scope.  But is it that far of a stretch to attack people who lack any integrity or moral fiber.  Nobody is safe from the stupidity of these people who graduate from liberal cesspools known as the university.  These people had America hating Socialist professors who were probably bullied as kids and wanted to get back at their jock haters and wanted mommy and daddy to pay for the “education.” Nobody not even the President is exempt from their stupid attacks.  We all saw the hit piece that the Covington Catholic school bros went through and after some time, Nick Sandmann won $80 million dollars from his lawsuit against the mainstream media!  But even a 15 year old kid barely old enough to drive without his mom in the passenger side of her very own ride who can’t even go to a restaurant without his parents and order a beer, for seven more years was not exempt from the onslaught of the mainstream media.  Whether it’s irresponsible reporting like they did with the Covington Catholic incident, whether it’s asking dumb questions to the President, shoot, even the news Press Sec beast herself Kayleigh McEnany is not immune from the amount of stupid these journalists continue bombard her with!  Yes you did hear correctly that during the latest issue the Press had with the President’s tweet, one reporter asked McEnany if the President tweeting out to boycott Goodyear was to his followers or if that was the President’s “policy.”


For what it’s worth, the dumpster fire that is the mainstream media is in full stinky view and we can beyond any shadow of a doubt ensure that if you want entertainment, watch CNN.  Pay close attention to the lower thirds, listen to the edits, and you will easily begin to pick up all the little lies and misinformation that the media actively spreads.  But most of all, it will take critical thinking to ensure that you’re not going the direction of the masses.  In Christianity, the notion of the straight and narrow is the determining mark on how one lives that faith out in practice.  In Conservativism, it’s not that far off as it’s much hard to rest your laurels upon values and ideas as opposed to mob thinking and sheepish principles and simply being a lemming on your way to emotional and intellectual suicide.  But make no mistake, the media is your friend but your manipulative abuser.  Whether they lie by omission which happens to the best of them or whether they outright lie to your face like CNN or other leftist news organizations, one thing is certain, it’s sloppy propaganda and the public are falling for it hook, line, and sinker!  We have nothing more than the “journalists” and “reporters” to thank for such mindlessness entering our brain waves.  Fight the machine we must and voice our disdain and buycott by watching other news sources than CNN.  It will take you, the reader, to not just read what CNN “reports” on, but also watch Fox News, and read Slate, read The Daily Wire, read Vox, listen to The Young Turks but also watch Steven Crowder.  This is how you stay balanced, thinking, and rational and that is the most dangerous creature the mainstream media fears, an educated person.

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