The Breakfast Club Smackdown

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If ever there was a fiercer match that resulted in a flawless victory, it wasn’t the flaccid team up that DJ Envy, Charlemagne ‘tha God, and Angela Yee attempted to do, but the victory went to Georgia 5th District incumbent Congresswoman Angela Stanton King.  The episode that they have is still on YouTube to for your enjoyment.  The glorious thing was, she essentially laid them all out and brought a calm sense of logic, reason, and basic facts.  Meanwhile, DJ Envy and Charlemagne both cucked out with their NPC talking points while Angela Yee tried to insert the feminist agenda while moving goalposts and the Overton Window every single time Stanton brought pushback.  It was a massacre and Angela Stanton was the Predator!

Stanton’s Platform

A basic overview of the incumbent Congresswoman policies is essentially to help the poor and homeless for her district, pushing for religious freedom, and protection for children including the abolition of abortion.  Her website also tells us her storied past, her incarceration, as well as her freedom granted by current President Donald J. Trump through that First Step Act. This act granted thousands of first time nonviolent offenders their freedoms.  Many liberals tend to forget (or ignore) when they continue to spout, “What has Trump done for the black community?”  Well, releasing thousands from incarceration where 90% of those were black people.  Stanton has been on call via her Instagram account where she goes live and exchanges dialogue with her supporters and her detractors and while some may disagree with her and attempt to throw shade at her, others are slowly finding the red pill as she continues to advocate for President Trump on her social media and her appearances.

But that is not to say that she doesn’t have an agenda, which is the 5th District in Georgia where Congressman John Lewis has had the seat and has been re-elected 17 times and there is still nothing there in the 5th District that has seen growth or progress.  With Stanton, she is hoping that people will see her on the ground and recognize her principles to help Georgia’s 5th district will be what brings out the voters.

The Three Stooges

Considering her rapidly growing online presence, of course this came across the noses of the slimy view of the Breakfast Club and they invited her on.  This was mistake number one for them as they were all very unprepared for what Stanton brought.  Some highlights were them ganging up on Angela Stanton regarding the transgender issue to which she unapologetically stood firm on.  Stanton continued to bring the successes that the black community has experienced under Trump’s Presidency between the aforementioned First Step Act, reopening funding for HBCUs, lowest black unemployment rates, and tax cuts that puts more money in the pockets of black people.  Let’s not forget that Trump did away with a lot of regulations that stifled small businesses and black people tend to be their own bosses and with less regulation, they make more money overall.  Yet, rather than talking about her policies, they attempt to malign her character by using the current cultural ideas like transgenderism, homosexuality, and racism, those tired out points that Leftists love to use as the cornerstone of their ideology.  Angela had none of it and attacked everything they brought head on.  Stanton brought the heat and it was a funeral and folks, they weren’t ready!

They Performed As Expected

At the end of the day, when it comes to the treatment of Conservatives in Liberal media, it is simply par for the course for them to do what they can to assassinate the character of these folks.  They gang up, triple team, interrupt, malign and essentially pull every trick in the book to silence Conservatives.  You don’t do that with Angela, or at least you can try but ultimately, you will fail.  She pushed back and even accused the Breakfast Club of hypocrisy where they interviewed hundreds of millionaire black celebrities but have done nothing to invest in black communities to the point the Breakfast Club trio were silent, only to then pivot and well, you can watch it for yourself.  It really was both enjoyable and incorrigible to watch.  Enjoyable because Angela Stanton King was on her game by being an immovable rock wall against all of their talking points while still being civil and cordial.  Incorrigible because like any liberal figure holding a six figure income, they parroted all the Leftist talking points that we can always expect liberal black people to tout and it’s almost as if they can’t veer from the programming, which is like any NPC today.

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