The Issue Mainstream Media is Mum About

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Big movements happen in several ways.  Some movements are funded to the teeth with money and donations, especially if they fit a certain narrative.  Other movements take action via word of mouth.  These are the grassroots movements that spur people more than a catchy slogan or billions of dollars that do not go anywhere but say, a Democrat pocketbook or Marxist leaders funded by a globalist.  On the ground, word of mouth, large scale awareness is something people seem to not grab a hold of but with recent events surround Ghislane Maxwell and the former Escobar of child trafficking and pedophilia, Jeff Epstein, the notions of human trafficking has once again entered the collective consciousness.  Yet, why is CNN and the mainstream media silent about it?

World Trafficking Awareness Day

What is the one thing that has about 30 million captives with 10 million of them being children to this date and is a $150 billion industry that spans almost every section of the populated globe?  It is the industry of human trafficking and all over social media, that awareness is being raised once again.  Everything from accounts like End It Movement to hashtags like #savethechildren or #endchildtrafficking is filling the web waves and people are taking notice.  Everyone on Conservative social media is making this whole thing as loud as possible along with many popular religious accounts as well from pastors like Louie Giglio to A21 Founder Christine Caine are all raising awareness of this atrocity.

But Where’s the MSM?

With all the noise on social media from Instagram (IG) to Twitter from regular citizens passionate about ending the horror human trafficking to big name right wing verified accounts, there’s a strange and deafening silence from the left side of the journalism world regarding this.  A simple scroll through CNN’s IG account has nothing on the topic.  Checking out MSNBC’s IG page, and again, nothing regarding the topic of human trafficking.  For some odd reason, they aren’t talking about it and it leads many asking why aren’t the biggest news companies that continually dominate the airwaves (despite abysmal ratings) not shedding light on the issue of child sex trafficking and all the other acts of depravity that treats people like commodities?  Aren’t these the same organizations that continue to talk about how slavery was such a bad thing in America back in the 1800s.  Yet here we are in 2020 and there is statistical data that asserts that children, the most vulnerable of our society from California to Timbuktu to Guam and everywhere else in between, are being trafficked, sold, uses as sex slaves, labor slaves, abused, neglected, and treated worse than any black slave ever could have in the 200 years slavery existed in the Antebellum American South?  Why are they silent and not even plugging the hashtag on any of their accounts?

Every Theory Points to Something Worse

Many are speculating that the mainstream media and all of their connecting factors from politicians to Hollywood celebs are all interconnected and complicit in their involvement with human trafficking themselves.  Many have noted that Chrissy Teigen, wife of singer John Legend, has reportedly deleted 60000 of her tweets and allegedly blocked nearly 1 million people from her Twitter.  One of her many deleted tweets include this disturbing one from 2011 which says, “Seeing little girls do the splits half naked is just … I want to put myself in jail. #toddlersandtiaras” Obviously reading that turns the stomach as Chrissy Teigen roughly 26 at the time of the tweet.  Clearly her connection with John Legend who is tied to former President Barack Obama where lots of conspiracy theories have been circulating the internet regarding the former president.  The most scathing bit of information alleges that Chrissy, John, and Barack were all actively on the Epstein plane known as the Lolita Express.  Chrissy Teigen also was noted to have allegedly had Tweets talking about pizza in ways that seems questionable which many are alluding to the whole Pizzagate scandal that some are connecting the dots in a very convincing fashion for the masses to consume.  Are these politicians, new media pundits, and Hollywood celebrities complicit in the trafficking?  These are just questions people are asking and if so, “drain the swamp” is looking to be a lot dirtier and more sulfuric in nature than we realize.

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