Game Review: “The Last Of Us” 2 Woke Up and Lost Fans

The First One

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A few years ago, video game developer Naughty Dog released a game that set ripples throughout the video gaming community. The story of a girl named Ellie and her traveling companion, Joe. They journey through a post-apocalyptic America infected by hordes of different zombies. Zombies resulting from a toxic fungus that turned people into them.

The story isn’t so much about the zombies, than it is the relationship that this game features. It centers on two characters, Ellie and Joel, and people loved it. Between the graphics, the game play, and the story line, many have touted this game to be an incredible character developing game. This first game was released in 2013.

Remember those days, when being woke was not even a thing and all we had were inklings and smatterings of wokeness that rippled through the culture? Minus Anita Sarkeesian, who was probably at the height of her career. In 2014, Naughty Dog released “The Last Of Us” DLC, a compendium game that opened us up to Ellie’s sexuality and it was something nobody asked for really.

We don’t care about the sexuality of a girl who gamers loved as a character, but Naughty Dog gave it to us, and people played it. The fact that actress Ellen Page (who reprised her role in the game) is an open lesbian seemed pretty fitting. Again, not so woke, just a lot of gay pride. People bought it because they were riding the wave of the initial game, which people loved.

Naughty Dog Got Woke (Spoiler Alert)

Fast forward and we all know the spiel. Disagree with anything PC, and you’re either a “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “bigot”, “misogynist”, or any combination. If you’re in the gaming or movie community, you’re a toxic fan if you didn’t like the latest PC piece of entertainment. Movie producers like Rian Johnson have been doing that to naysayers of his horrid movie, “The Last Jedi”.

 It is gristly, gross and slow, with all the messy intangibles of real violence right in place. 

VP of Naughty Dog Games, Neil Druckman

Now you have “The Last of Us 2”, and people are stark raving mad at this game. Fans who bought it have started reacting to how much they hate it.  The blatant way they treated the characters early on was insulting. The transgender messaging in this game is literally shoved in your face.

This game reeks with politics of the developer, Neil Druckman. People playing it all have reacted unfavorably towards the treatment of some key characters. Like clockwork, word got around to the dev and of course, he calls them “toxic fans” and “bigoted straight white males”. Yet the biggest channel on YouTube, PewDiePie, is not enjoying this game. He is streaming himself playing it and reacting as many have been to the treatment of beloved characters.

Get Woke, Go Broke… again

Forget the sales numbers, because what is causing the rise is the amount of people who are purchasing this game because of the carry over from the nostalgia for the first game. Now, with how this game is being received, the developer is “angry” and is blowing a hissy fit. With the far-left political messaging it is filled with, word of mouth will get around. Suffice to say, The Last Of Us 2 will hit irrelevance in a few short weeks. Just like every other bit of woke or bad entertainment. Yes, that was redundant.

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