Hide Your Democrats: Review of “Uncle Tom”

A Sad Institution

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Slavery.  It is a stain on American history.  Everyone who knows about it is aware of how evil that practice is. Yet we had people who saw it, who noticed it, and fought to free the black slaves. From the chains of slavery America gets amazingly rich people like Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King and so on.

From the ashes of the failed institution of slavery, the Republican party was formed. Out of it came black Republicans who made the party. Fast forward to today and the basic narrative is, if you’re black then you’re a Democrat.  Then you watch this movie and something stirs in your heart. A stirring of a rebellion happening,and if you’re Right leaning, you smile. This is what the new documentary “Uncle Tom” will do for you!

Real Roots

Produced by Larry Elder, the entire documentary goes through some of the history of Black America. It covers slavery, the emancipation of slaves, and cycles through some prominent historical figures. Notables in history like Booker T. Washington, to the contemporaries like Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams. It then gives us all some amazing anecdotes of their upbringing, background, their exposure to the Democrats, and then the ultimate realization that they were in the wrong party all this time.

Each person, from the popular ones like radio personality Jesse Lee Peterson to Candace Owens and KingFace all had something to say. Other stories from folks like Viswanag Burra, Chad O. Jackson, Robert Woodson, and Patricia Watson were all stories of how they saw the situation the Democrat plantation left them in. They then began to simply think for themselves. Each person started black and Democrat, but through their own exposure through research, hypocrisy, or conversations started to think outside the box.

They came to find out that the American dream isn’t rooted in racism like former President Obama led us all to believe (yes, they do touch on that!). Rather it is hard work, self-determination, belief in your own, betting on yourself, and dedication. That is what makes you a success story. No celebrity, politician, or media figure can take that away, no matter the smear tactics used.

“You got more questions, but I tell ya, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Senator Joe Biden (D-DE)

Hit In The Face

The thing with this movie is that it is real. It’s a documentary but a very revealing one. Larry Elder does not pull the punches at all. In each story you celebrate their wins, and there were many. The history that Elder paints from slavery weaves this amazingly beautiful tapestry of success.

With it comes the sadness that this is American history, our history. Yet, the stain of slavery and the tumultuous years afterwards shows us that we don’t stay down. White people faced their problems and rose above them, but so have black people. Even with Jim Crow, segregation, and all the other systems that were put in place back then, you still had black people holding on and rising above. That’s not to say though that the revelation of just how toxic the Democrat party has been to the black community is a shock.

So prevalent and heartbreaking it is that you can’t help but get angry that the black people of our nation are continuing to face this clownery from the Democrat party. As equally scathing, as this documentary hits the Democrats, “Uncle Tom” also serves as a warning call to the Republican party.  “Black people are not monolithic as you think. Reach out to us!  Don’t ignore us, as the Democrats do. Every four years we are ignored until they want votes and power. Our roots are Republican, so give us a reason to come back!”  That’s the heartfelt plea of many in this movie and Elder reveals this side of the black struggle as well.

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Just as much as the Democrats use the black community, the Republican party ignores them and other minority communities. Through it all though, each contributor offers a powerful and poignant indictment of the Democrats. It starts with them being the party of the KKK and Jim Crow. Now it is the party that uses black celebrities to keep black people in ideological slavery.

They even go through and reveal exactly what former President Barack Obama has done and also what current President Donald Trump did to win the hearts of the black community. Nomatter what the black caucus, black media figures, and black celebrities would have Americans think. This movie opens the floodgates and definitely ensures that we get it. If we don’t get it, we simply like being either the house Negro or the enabler of the house Negro.  

Overall, 20/10

If ever there was a most important documentary, it is this. A fantastic movie that pushed people forward who we have only heard in passing. Now we can’t ignore them. From Damani B. Felder to Rob Smith to even Herman Cain and Carol Swain, these voices are everyday Americans. They live, work, and are as Conservative as they come, and want to lead the charge to free their people. If you’re white, asian or latino, you need to watch this movie and see where you can push open a space for these folks and anyone like them to step in. If you’re black, you need to pull the rest of us to where you’re at after watching this movie.  

The unifying voices of these people in this documentary are so heartfelt, you feel their success, you can feel their pain, you can share their joys and sorrows. Most importantly, you can feel their power as individuals, as Americans! That is what the Left is afraid of so we need to give them more of a reason to be afraid.

The Uncle Toms are coming and there isn’t a danged thing anyone can do. For many, after watching this movie, we’ll welcome them and propel them forward. Not because they can’t do it, but because we admire and want them to at the forefront. They are just as American as the rest of us, and we couldn’t be any happier. This movie will spur that in you. You’ll think twice about what an Uncle Tom really is!

If you want to view this movie for yourself, just head on over to www.uncletom.com and you can either get it on-demand or have a DVD shipped to you.

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