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A Look at the Future of 911 Response

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Take a look at what is currently being presented on social media regarding the push for the defunding of the police in various urban centers in America right now. There are changes in the works in some cities. Plans are being made for the creation of teams of social workers who will respond to calls to 911 in lieu of armed officers.

At first glance, the following excerpt looks all well and good. But we know that reality is something that needs to be injected into a narrative, even if hypothetical. Taking into account human nature, even the nature of some really drunk folks, reality paints a darker picture, even at its most optimistic. The thing is, we can know how things will pan out given historical data, psychology, and physiology. Using these elements can ensure that while –yes, while!– we do hope the for the best, reality paints a different picture, one that can be very painful.

The need to be real will be evident in the end… but let’s move forward with the rainbows and butterflies first with the adventures of Stacy and Dominique…

The Imaginary Good Scenario

“Imagine this for a moment. A guy falls asleep after drinking. He’s in line at the drive thu because he’s needing some late-night greasy food. He’s been out with his friends all night and he’s super tired. He falls asleep. An employee notices and goes inside.

They call 911.

The driver wakes up to a gentle tap on the window. He rolls it down. He’s a little confused and disoriented.

“Hi. My name is Stacy. I’m a social worker and I just wanted to make sure you are alright?”

“I just fell asleep.”

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“I understand. This is my colleague; their name is Dominque. They want to go order your meal for you while we talk. What did you want?”

“A number four with a coke.”

“Would you mind pulling your car over there so we can talk? Dominique will be getting that meal for you.”

“Ok, just a second. Am I in trouble?”

“No, we just want to make sure you are safe and that everyone else on the road is safe. Can we do that together?”

“I can do that!”

After a conversation, Stacy and Dominique decide that they are pretty sure they can confirm that the driver has been drinking. They ask a lot of questions about his drinking habits. They somehow determine that he clearly doesn’t have a drinking problem. He just rarely drinks, didn’t know his limits, and made a mistake to get behind the wheel.

After his meal, the driver is feeling much better. The social workers offer to have his car towed to his house and an Uber comes to pick him up.

In this scenario, Rayshard Brooks is still alive. He’s given compassionate and reasonable care. This is what community should look like. This is a way we could re-envision what our response could be as a society. This is what it would look like to defund the police.”

… and scene…

The Other Possible and More Likely Scenario.

Recalling their classes on ‘Interacting with Intoxicated Individuals.’, Stacy and Dominique brushed up on the training for administering a breathalyzer test as was required when APD was disbanded due to re-allocated funds. Dominique returns with the Number 4 burger as Stacy continues with the testing. Stacy also took a Nutrition 101 lite course and recalled that alcohol takes time to metabolize and, yet, metabolizes first before any food. 

With the Brooks’ blood alcohol content (BAC) showing a level of 0.108, 35% higher than the legal limit in the State of Georgia, Stacy realizes that it will roughly take 12 hours for Brooks to be completely sober enough to drive. However, based on their experiences and Gender Communications classes, they recall that men intoxicated to that extent will not comply with anything, generally speaking. Stacy and Dominique, as social workers, also cannot force someone to do something against their will, but can only merely suggest.

Without having been given any background information on this man, Stacy and Dominique urge Brooks to take the Uber and tow option. Brooks refuses and states that he can drive since the Giant Bacon Classic meal with Coke helped him sober up. Realizing that they cannot force him to take the Uber, they continue to suggest he take the Uber option. His refusal becomes more aggressive while he insists he is fully capable of driving and demands his keys back. Not wanting a violent confrontation, Dominique reluctantly hands him his keys. He gets in his car, incoherently mumbles some curse words at the social workers, and drives off leaving the Uber, the tow truck, and the social workers behind in the parking lot.

June 13th… Atlanta Fox 5 News reports Saturday morning Janna (34) and Keisha (2) Sanderson, black, were killed in a hit and run incident when a vehicle ran a red light and t-boned their minivan, subsequently fleeing the scene. CCTV footage shows that the vehicle belonged to one Rayshard Brooks. Mothers Against Drunk Driving asked for justice but, with APD defunded, no warrants could be issued for Brooks’ arrest. According to both Stacy’s and Dominique’s reports, he did not pass the breathalyzer test as he had a BAC of 0.108, which they had noted. However, they could not force Brooks to comply and merely recommended alternatives as per their training. 

Janna Sanderson leaves behind a loving husband and two children ages 5 and 3.

No comment from Mayor Keisha Bottoms and the Fulton County District Attorney. Brooks is still at large.”

What it would look like if the police were defunded!

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