De Blasio Debacle: Behind the Riot Scene

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Rules for Thee, Not For Me

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As riots across America have extended into this week, it seems the movement that desires to empower black Americans has been hijacked by far-Left hacktivist groups. What were once protests that desired to both honor the memory of George Floyd and to speak out about police brutality de-evolved into a race war set up by none other than the far-Left. Antifa is allegedly the center point of all this, as they hijacked the protests to instigate violence.

We all know when the Left talks about diversity, they only mean diversity of skin tones. The moment someone thinks outside the collective, watch the real white supremacy come out. Black Conservative Lee Davinci tweeted that white supremacy is when white liberals assert their white privilege to stand up for justice, which basically means a subtle statement of superiority. It certainly seems like that’s the case. Yet what if, in thinking like the hive, you get identified and associated with Left-wingers who have been pushing nonsense we’re seeing now?

De Blasio: Bad Apples

Hypocrisy tends to be the name of the game with Leftists today.  If it’s not Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who attempted to launch her boat in time for Memorial Day (only to say her husband was going up to rake leaves) amidst her executive order, it’s Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweeting socialist accounts. Bad rhetoric and hypocrisy is definitely entertaining to see when it’s all over social media and the engineers at Big Tech can’t do damage control fast enough.  

One shining example of bad parenting spilling out onto the streets was when NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a curfew as riots continued to invade the streets. It seems that amidst this “revolution,” Chiara de Blasio was on the front lines, and got herself arrested. Mayor de Blasio crowed about how proud he was his baby girl was caught up and took part in the riots. 

What we can say for certain is that as much of a failed mayor as de Blasio is, like any child of bad parents, the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree. Chiara joining the ranks of the rioters only means one thing. Bad ideologies foster bad adults. And they become bad parents who raise bad children.

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