Black Leaders Clarion Calls For Change

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A Thug With A Badge

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Over the course of the last few days, tensions have been high between Black and White Americans. What was once a venture back towards some semblance of normalcy was interrupted by the actions of a thug with a badge. This would further tarnish the name and reputation of good police officers everywhere. No matter what narrative you want to believe concerning George Floyd, whether or not he forged a check or tried to use a bad check (or maybe he was the victim of confusion regarding anything to do with checks), George Floyd was murdered in the streets of Minneapolis. 

The police officer who murdered Floyd was Derek Chauvin. A disturbing video was shown which blew up the internet. People witnessed a man’s life fizzle out under the knee of a seemingly power crazed individual and all of his accomplices. Thus far, Chauvin has been charged with the killing of Floyd.

In The Days Following

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content all began filling everyone’s newsfeed in remembrance of Floyd. To no one’s surprise, the “racist white people” narrative surfaced again as Black Twitter started to ascribe motive.  People on every side of the Black Lives Matter home court even stated it was four white cops who murdered Floyd, adding even more confusion and disruption to an already unfortunate incident. Riots broke out like clockwork, and we began seeing buildings burn, looters loot, and businesses and dreams all shatter.  

During these last few days of rioting and protesting, President Trump spoke out in a series of tweets with the call to assist Minnesota, amidst the same tired old rhetoric of “racist” “xenophobe” etc.  As the President orders the FBI to investigate Floyd’s death, many in the Black community are finding themselves attempting a new way of doing things.

Protest Does Not Mean Criminality

Many within the Black Community who are aggravated with how things are going within their communities are speaking out to the greater audience.  Candace Owens, with all her fiery rhetoric, has been noting the hypocrisy of such movements like Black Lives Matter, who come in when one black man dies and lose their minds.  NRA’s Colion Noir speaks on the notion that now more than ever, it is important to protect yourself. He says sometimes, the guy with the badge is just as bad as the looter who wants to burn your stuff. 

Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter continues to offer support and solutions. He speaks about how unity against the state (as displayed by Chauvin) makes it more clear that we need to be armed. Political and socio-cultural positions aside, the call for unity and the need to do things differently was never more important for many. This can be seen in the plea of Killer Mike.  

Calling It As It Is

It appears that amidst the static noise of “racism,” “white privilege,” and “cancel whiteness,” which seems to be the line every time a black man is killed, many are waking up to the reality that it’s a trite angle. Lee DaVinci states on his social media that if a white person claims to use their “white privilege” to “stand up for justice for minorities,” that is a white supremacist statement. He says it’s because it asserts superiority over that minority group. 

People are waking up to the narrative and are calling things out as they see them. Floyd was murdered, but looting, pillaging, rioting, and burning down buildings is not the way to memorialize someone. If people want to protect their own, then they can protect their own. But the first step is to get angry and vote out people who put thugs in badges, or let these people loose as some would say.

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