What Makes An Expert?

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Conflicting Data and Statements

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In this whole debacle regarding the Wuhan Coronavirus, we have seen a multitude of voices rise up from media. Medical professionals and even politicians all make assertions. Likewise, we have also seen a lot of back peddling from such folks as well. One prime example is when the CDC initially stated that masks should not be worn, then that they can be worn.

We have also seen the FDA get involved and state that masks only produced by the CDC should be worn. Thus, no private companies can produce masks. Later, they turn around and see the FDA make the case for private companies to produce masks. Comedic and frightening simultaneously.

Another glaring “whoopsie” comes from the infamous United Nations World Health Organization (WHO). Many have fallen in line with the WHO. They will defend them as well as possible. Even to the point that YouTube has removed content that questions WHO on the grounds of “community guideline violations”. The same WHO that decided not to recognize Taiwan also asserts Sweden, who did not lock down, was to be praised. This for their outcome, as they have reached herd immunity. The US, not so praise-worthy.

Some nurses, from places like the University of Michigan, to Johns Hopkins, to Atlanta’s Children’s Hospital, are claiming how they are experts. It’s as if they won’t dialogue or entertain questions because of a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. We are also seeing other experts rise up in the wake of all the local tyrannies that in many states. When these people are placed in front of the cameras, people begin to question the veracity of the label “expert”.

It seems apparent that when these “experts” rise up, rather than address actual points honestly, they assert the Appeal to Authority fallacy. It’s as if we the people should care about their credentials, since those “experts” have risen to international notoriety. It seems that their expertise seems to be assumed and unquestionable. Americans are not obedient or easily intimidated by authority.

Rachel Levine Serves as Physician General for Wolf Cabinet

In the leading manual for cataloging psychological disorders, DSSM III, it states a definition of gender dysphoria. It is the mental breakdown of a person who’s biology and psychology are not aligned. Thus these people who suffer from this mental breakdown believe that they are not the gender they are biologically. These folks go through with making the physical transition to match the sex they believe they are. It is why we have individuals like Blair White who fully transitioned from male to female. S/he admits she was a legitimate girl born in a boy’s body and continues the hormone therapy, to keep her t-levels in check.

Why mention the DSSM III?  It is because an “expert” has arisen to be head of a political cabinet in the state of Pennsylvania. Former Richard Levine (who is now Rachel Levine) has been made Physician General for Gov. Tom Wolf’s cabinet in PA. She has become the voice of health for that state.

Now the trans-woman, who was once a man but fully believes that he is a woman, has adopted this identity. Rachel Levine is now the head of medical advisement for the state of Pennsylvania. S/he is working overtime to keep the state closed because…expert. The clown-show rolls on.

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Greta Thunberg: Climate Change Expert Turned Virologist?

The sad part is experts are all over the place now. It seems that people are scraping the bottom of the barrel to not just find experts, but credible sources. Like the bastion of journalism that CNN is, they featured climate change darling and autistic Swedish school dropout Greta Thunberg. The girl has no ideas or thoughts of her own, as she reads from a script. CNN wants you to forget any semblance of rationale. They invited her to a panel with Sanjay Gupta for a discussion on the Coronavirus.

So What Makes An Expert Again?

We are supposed to sit in our chairs and listen to a 16 year old girl lecture the world on the methods that need to be taken regarding a virus. Why is it that people who are called “experts” do not look like the epitome of health?  Many of these officials are overweight, facing congenital heart failure, while others are appearing to look rather deathly. Take the head of the LA County Health Department, Barbara Ferrer.

She obviously has a hand in the gross extension of the lockdown till the end of July. These folks do not look like they’re the epitome of health, yet they are the experts running health departments for states let alone nations. Like Belgium’s own Maggie De Block, who ran the Belgian Health Department as Health Minister for a time. She was a expert on health?

We are supposed to take these people seriously, when it looks like they have the blood type of “pudding” or appear to have the Grim Reaper hovering over their press box? Other noted “medical professionals” continue to parrot WHO talking points, yet fail to provide coherent answers to basic questions. They cannot provide necessary precautionary measures, like which vitamins will boost immunity and other essentials. These “experts” are making TikTok videos during a pandemic and we’re supposed to trust them?

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