A New Switch

Are Democrats Imploding?

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As the world attempts to reconcile this Chinese manufactured pandemic, and America remains divided as to whether to stay shut down or open, we are also in an election year. The current Presidential candidates are President Donald J. Trump (R) and former Vice President Joe Biden (D). During this broken time in our country, when unity is crucial, the mainstream media continues to feed the public leftist propaganda and bash the president. Many are beginning to see the truth of what the left stands for. A new switch is upon us as the Democratic Party is completely fracturing and it is glorious to watch.

Just a week or so ago, Congressman Vernon Jones (D-GA) who holds prominent Georgia counties like DeKalb and Rockdale, as well as the city of Conyers, praised President Trump for all he has done for the black community. Jones listed off numerous facts that we all know to be true, no matter how much the left denies it. He praised the President for the lowest black unemployment rates, the First Step Act and helping to fund HBCUs, as just a few of his very prominent actions. Jones, logically, gave credit where it was due.

The backlash from the left was swift. Demonstrating the new switch, Jones doubled down on his endorsement. He made a poignant point about how the Democratic Party had left him and not the other way around. He expressed the notion that the party of social Liberalism has become the party of open borders, degenerate behaviors, and Socialism. Many logical, freedom loving liberals are not liking the party’s directional turn towards Communism, as exhibited by politicians like Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The Biden Problem

The political front is bringing on the rift in the Democratic Party and the culture is experiencing a massive shift as well. The party is feeling the burn of hypocrisy. The presidential front-runner’s behavior is now being examined. Joe Biden is a man of many words with nothing to say. He’s said and done questionable things in public: from biting his wife’s finger in public, to scaring pre-teen girls, and even sniffing hair. Now a former staff member has accused him of rape. Once again, we see another Clinton-esque dismissal of sexual assault from a Democratic candidate. 

New Right Network has covered the scandal of the accuser Tara Reade’s case being dismissed by the media as well as the Biden campaign. It was also completely dismissed by the #MeToo movement. This is the same movement where stars, such as Alyssa Milano, the former child star of Who’s The Boss, were seen all over the media telling people that a woman must be believed. As soon as it is one of their own, suddenly due process and the presumption of innocence is paramount. 

Democrats are Hypocrites

Americans saw Milano at the forefront of the Brett Kavanaugh scandal. She was front and center tarring and feathering the then-nominee for SCOTUS after he was accused. Rose McGowan, Milano’s co-star on the show, Charmed, called both Milano and #MeToo out for their hypocrisy. McGowan reposted on Instagram stating how cultish the media and Democrats were for not believing Reade’s account. In that post McGowan said, “I WAS a Democrat…” meaning at the time of the post, which was April 29, 2020, she stopped associating with that Party. She has not proclaimed herself to be a Republican, but she certainly claims to have cut ties with the Democratic Party. That is refreshing news. It seems to be the trend, the new switch. But, why?

The Trump Effect

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump sure shakes things up and brings out the worst of the Democratic Party. He brings out their true colors that may have otherwise been hidden well. Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the Supreme Court, only to start the whole Christine Blasey Ford fiasco. Her credibility was flawed from the start. Ford’s memory was shoddy and her corroborating witnesses said they didn’t recall anything regarding her account. Still the left, and their cheerleaders, shouted, “Believe women!”

How quickly they pounce, yet when there are much more credible details against Biden, we hear nothing but radio silence. Not even a peep from the bastions of the “Believe women!” crowd.  Let’s not forget that Tara Reade was Biden’s intern at the time. Trump inadvertently brought this all out. The left simply cannot help themselves because they are hypocrites.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Change Is Inevitable

Trump has made the atmosphere ripe for change. He calls out the media and their hypocrisy. It’s been a long time coming, but Americans are finally being confronted with the truth. The Democrats have been using the media to lie to the American people. The so-called, ‘southern switch,’ is a myth. As Dinesh D’Souza showed with his book, it is The Big Lie. The southern Democrats never switched parties to become Republicans. The one prominent politician who did make that switch was Strom Thurmond. Democrats spread the lie that it was widespread because they wanted to project their own racism on to others.

Democrat Power is Fading

In the past three years since Trump got elected, the American people have been confronted with a countrywide shake up the likes of which will have lasting repercussions for decades to come. The Democratic Party and the media no longer have the power they once had. Their warts have been on full display and many Americans are not liking what they see. This is glorious, as it ultimately means our freedoms and American way of life are more intact than once previously thought. As many make the new switch, we welcome all to come to our side. Which side is that? The side that loves freedom, the Constitution, and smaller government. Yes, to many, that means Republican. But to Trump supporters, it is more likely to mean American.

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