Rise of The Tyrant Governors

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Abuse of Power

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If this pandemic is the metanarrative of Pandora’s Box, then we should probably account for the Wuhanese person who ate the infected bio-test as the Pandora who released these ills onto the world. What is even more shocking is that there are people way too eager to hand over freedoms as safe slaves, and that notions of limited government go out the window because emergency safety measures.  This attitude facilitates Tyrant Governors.

We are seeing some governors misuse their role and become more and more like tyrants. It should come as no surprise these are Democrat strongholds. If history has taught us anything is that Americans don’t like tyrants yet fast forward 300 years and for some stupid reason, we collectively are alright with tyranny as we have opted for comfort and safety.

Tyrant Governors: The Midwest Matriarch

If ever there was someone we can point to who embodies the notion of a matriarchy, look no further than the dictator herself, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. The United States populace is witnessing an axis of tyranny between New York, California, and Michigan; Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, and Gretchen Whitmer are governors of those respective states. Considering that these states hold a myriad of people with various lifestyles, industries, geological differences, weather patterns, and population variances, the one thing we can see oozing from the top is unmitigated tyranny masked as compassion and safety.

Whitmer seems to be making that play quite nicely. She has extended the executive stay at home order until May 28th in response to protests that have gridlocked Lansing. These protests are due to her policies, from prohibiting gardening and cordoning off sections of Home Depot to not allowing motor boats on waterways (but rowboats are fine?). 

Yet when enforcing social distancing recommendations, businesses in smaller areas who do enact the rule of no more than 10 inside get hit the hardest by her legislative department. It should come as no surprise that many businesses such as barbers, nail techs, tattoo parlors, and hair salons require the breaking of such recommendations to stay alive. With no due process other than “violating” stay at home orders, she is shuttering businesses left and right.

Tales From the Salons

Karl Manke owns a barbershop in the small town of Owosso, MI. It is home to nearly 14,000 people and is a popular destination spot for many Michiganders who love the notion of traveling up north to get away from city life in Detroit or Lansing and simply hang out in a small town in a cabin or camping spot to retreat and refresh. 

Yet governmental overreach still hits the small town of Owosso as state regulators pulled the plug on Manke’s barber and shop licenses. This is just one example of government overreach, as many salons and barbershops are facing this type of abuse. A hair salon owner named Kate Brown in Salem, OR was also facing fines of up to $70,000 as well as the termination of her lease. You can watch her account here

We all know the story of Shelly Luther out in Dallas who opened up safely and the government issued her a fine. She was even brought into court by a judge who said she wouldn’t need to spend 7 days in jail on top of a $5000 fine if she apologized for her “selfishness.” Shelly Luther refused to apologize. She was put in jail, only to be released by demand of the Texas Supreme Court.  

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Combat Tyrant Governors with The Constitution

Many are fighting back though. An Instagram influencer, wakeupwithlinda, printed copies of the American Disabilities Act along with a pocket Constitution. She walks into places such as Costco with no mask on knowing companies who do enforce a recommendation will face hefty fines if Linda files a lawsuit. She is already suing the Mayor of Miami for sectioning off parks and beaches. 

In the case of Tyrant Governor Whitmer, five local area businesses, as well as a Michigan Congressman, are suing the governor for her violation of constitutional rights for the people of Michigan. It is sad to see some Americans living under the grip of Socialism lite while others are going to beaches and restaurants and finally living again. This is a stark contrast between states that are opening up and people are finally going about their business and Blue states which are still under the grips of their governors who are asking for more money but are not doing much of anything.

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