Minneapolis Cops Kill Black Man by Asphyxiation

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Between the narrative of Black Lives Matter and the Blue Lives Matter crowd, there is a line of truth. When an injustice is in fact an injustice, it does need to be talked about. Irrespective of which crowd one leans on, truth is truth. When video evidence shows such actions from police, no narrative other than crying for justice matters. Early on May 26th, 2020, four Minneapolis police officers held in custody a man by the name of George Floyd. Video evidence revealed that initially Floyd resisted arrest till he was brought down by four officers. 

Yet, as the video continues to show, one of the officers held his knee upon the back of the neck of Floyd. This despite Floyd weakly telling the officer he couldn’t breathe. The disturbing video showed Floyd’s life literally passing away as the officer still held his knee down. Amidst the cries of the public witnessing all of it unfold, the four police officers continued to hold them at bay.

A paramedic arrived on the scene eventually. After checking Floyd’s status, he ultimately was pronounced dead. As of now, the four police officers have been fired. Investigations are underway as people are asking for justice and imprisonment for these four now former police officers.

Updates forthcoming.

John Lee
NRN • New Right Network
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