Darren Aquino Answers The Call

Florida’s 19th Congressional district has been in solid Republican hands for some time, but with incumbent Francis Rooney not seeking another term, the field is wide open. Darren Aquino hopes to maintain this district in hands of a solid Conservative. Until redistricting in 2012 drew new lines, it had been under Democratic control dating back to its inception in 1983. That means the Democratic electorate within the district had held strong through both terms of President Ronald Reagan and three Bush terms of George H. W. and George W. It would seem the elections of 2010, and the Tea Party movement, created a political opportunity that had otherwise been sealed-off.

This November promises to be as politically consequential as ever, even if fought only on virtual platforms. Both the elections of 2000, and 2016 showed us how crucial Florida’s vote has always been. For Republicans to retain control of District 19 in 2020, connection to its citizens will be vital. Aquino make common sense connections with Eric regarding politics and life, especially in these Coronavirus times in which we live. Hear what inspires Mr. Aquino about Florida, President Donald Trump, and a whole lot more.


5/28/2020: Article updated to reflect correct information on FL19. Thanks to Mark Stanley for recognizing our mistake.

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Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson
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