Flynn is Free, Schiff Exposed, and California’s Mail-In Voting Scheme

Diving right in, the guys hit hard on California, calling for one precise action in regards to newly-announced voting requirements. Any guesses as to what that tiny little action could be? Adam Schiff gets ‘dedication’ honors, and perhaps was a victim of abuse, himself?! Just how close is newly-exhonorated General Michael Flynn to being retried, for the same crime?

Author and homeschool expert, David Galvin, is brought on to discuss education. Has an accurate account of history been forever supplanted by social justice in our school system, or is there still time to course-correct? Surprising millennial statistics may offer pause. Where does homeschooling fit in? Watch how succinctly scattered concerns are brought together, and find out why 40 year old doctors may actually envy the less educated.

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Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson is a writer for NRN. He was raised in Oregon and is a passionate Miami Dolphins fan. Acheson loves to make people think.