Can “Donald Trump” Bring Bob and Eric To Tears?

Comedians, especially a great impersonator, fill a void in us, whether we know it or not. We tune-in to them so we can tune-out all else, if only for a short period. Laughter has been shown to “decrease stress, diminish pain and improve quality of life.” Through those studies, we now know that laughter can even improve our immune systems up to a 12 hour period. That could surely help in the times we find ourselves in. 

Delight your soul and ‘healthy-up’ as you sit back and watch Bob DiBuono, simply the best Donald Trump impersonator alive. If you have never seen Bob Dunlap without his glasses on, be sure to watch! He removes them here as tears of laughter prove to be too much. Here for you is a welcomed reprieve from the hard hits normally taken on their weekly wrap-up shows. Enjoy!

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Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson is a writer for NRN. He was raised in Oregon and is a passionate Miami Dolphins fan. Acheson loves to make people think.