Statistics Corner: The Truth About Late-Term Abortions

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The Morally Distasteful Fight

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At the end of last weeks edition of Statistics Corner, the readers were promised an article on murder rates by country. To adequately examine this piece, the material needed broader research. Thus, for the time being, that subject is on hold. Instead, we will cover an issue of great concern. In this affair, we will converse about late-term abortion. 

Abortions after 20 weeks, unquestionably, are indeed rare. Thus, the topic reaches a more sinister peak once the perspective changes. That perspective will shock the reader. As even with restrictions, it happens a lot. Imagine if these progressives accessed services in full. Quickly we would see it rise significantly. Once a rare occurrence, substantially, we would hear more about it.

Generally speaking, abortion is a subject sure to get a rise out of leftists. It is passionate dialogue, only comparable to transgender rights or climate change. Usually, opinions differ, and those on the left react defensively. The response is a triggered mechanism. So on the right, we must back our thoughts with facts. Facts are irrefutable and will help illustrate the point in all Statistics Corners’. After all, it is the premise of this writing series. 

What are the Statistics? Late-Term Abortions in General

In the interest of openness, opinion pieces require transparency. Therefore, for this article, we are going to round some numbers. Albeit close enough, the point remains accurate without exaggeration. With that, 1.3 percent of abortions happen after the 20-week gestation period. How do we attain this number?

First, annually, abortionists in the United States perform about 800 thousand abortions. Then, we determine what each state reported for abortions after 20 weeks. Next, with the disclosed information, one can indicate that 10 thousand received late-term abortions. Hence, that equaled 1.25 percent that I adjusted to 1.3 percent. Basic mathematics put to use.

Stats on the Reasoning for an Abortion

The fact is, less than 0.5 percent of those who received abortions were victims of rape. The next two arguments combined do not even equal 10 percent. Those are: fetal health problems and physical health problems. Indeed, these situations are horrible and egregious for one to condemn mom. However, the premise still seems confounding. Yes, a small sliver of the rationale pie.

Additionally, all the main reasons abortions occur are less acceptable. One circumstance is mom conceived the baby at an older age. Even though she did not want more children. Mom is old enough, and must know about contraceptives. Second is, mom simply cannot afford a baby. Well, does mom know about private adoption agencies? They will pay handsomely for babies. Indeed all the money woes will subside. 

There is one final compelling argument. Simply, that mom is not ready to have a child. Unlike old mom, young mom has not been introduced to contraceptives. Unquestionably, this is not an acceptable excuse. We would not need abortions if contraceptives were better utilized.

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Who Could Support Full Legalization of Third Trimester Abortion?

It is unclear how many support third-trimester abortion. Although there are left-proposed bills, women’s marches are marched, late-term abortion bills are blocked, and a DNC nominee may well support this. Bernie Sanders has not directly said he does not support late abortion. Similarly, his voting record and verbiage should raise eyebrows. The left genuinely makes our heads hurt, don’t they?

Indeed, Democrats in Virginia support it. Comparably, the 2020 Women’s March saw a decline, even still thousands marched. Correct, not all the attendees support late abortions. It is not unreasonable to guess that many do. When Republicans proposed bills to pass restricting late abortions, the senate squashed it. On a side note, abortion itself is now less the debate.

As the pursuit of late-term abortion overwhelms it. Will the murder of born infants be next? Even by Democrat standards, late-term abortion pushes it too far. Yet, Bernie Sanders was asked his opinion on late-term abortion. At that point, Mr. Sanders failed to answer the question. He believed it to be politicizing. For this reason, his vague answer mirrored his voting record. Still, Sanders did not say he is against it. So, one can only speculate on his viewpoint.

Summing it Up: Late-Term Abortion

As mentioned, how far will progressives go? We see it all the time with modern feminism. Formerly, women did have a reason to march. Though these days with full equality to men, women, particularly on the left, still push for more. As for abortion, the narrative is the same.

Imagine that unrestricted late-term abortion were to become legal. What is the next stage? The left has a long, storied tradition of crying. This tactic is used to get their way. After that, still, the left is dissatisfied. Then, they will want to push for more, and what would be next? To have the baby and decide they do not want it and take it to a clinic?

Post-partum depression will be a nail in the coffin for these children. Again, late-term abortion is rare. Though countless reasons surround that. It is a restricted and strenuous request. Hence multiple physicians must sign off on it. Many progressives support late-term abortion undeniably. The left parades this erroneous idea as a human right. A controversial topic, yet it is the conversation. 

My Stance

To this writer, late-term abortion is fundamentally wrong. It’s cruel, and the very thought is morally repugnant. In most cases, I stand with either conception or contraception. Adoption also an equally acceptable alternative. In rare cases, one could understand abortion, personal feelings aside. Though, it isn’t fathomable, the idea of abortion after 20 weeks. No exceptions, as it is morally reprehensible. To me, that is all there is to it. 

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