Statistics Corner: Millennials and Their Support of Communism

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Marxists Professors Have Done a Number on These Puppies

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Today, is my first instalment of a weekly write up we will call Statistics Corner. I’m sure it’d be ever so fitting for me to tout the topical Coronavirus. Instead, I’ll think outside the box and not play into the media fear-mongering. Hence, my first topic: millennials and their support of authentic Communism. The stats may shock you; the figures are alarming.

Millennials support Communism nowadays due to indoctrination, which we’ll touch on that later. What is surprising is just how many believe Democratic Socialism isn’t Left enough. Millennials need to give their heads a shake to believe such garbage. Because time and again throughout history Communism has proven it doesn’t work. Similarly, neither does true Socialism.

Would Karl Marx be proud of the success of his alternative to Capitalism? As, it’s quite easy to see how his legacy has failed miserably. Yes, I’m aware Communism is derived from Marx’s original theory. Similarly, I’m aware of the differences between the theories of Marxism, Communism, and Socialism. Still, it derives from the same crap heap, with all three proven faulty. It is a family failure affair too as Socialism is Communism’s mild-mannered dimwitted cousin and Communism is the Left’s dwelling step-sibling of Fascism.

What’s the Statistic, Brendon?

Not only do millennials support the idea of Communism, but in 2019, 70 percent of those aged 23 to 38 would support a Socialist president. That’s insane, as it’s almost three quarters of the bloody electorate pie! In comparison, among the younger bracket aged 16 to 22 the statistic is similar. Most aged 16 to 22 aren’t overly political, so to me this makes sense. But it’s insane that over half believe Capitalism doesn’t work. Then again, people live for handouts and redistributive concepts. You do remember Cleveland’s “Original Obamaphone Lady,” don’t you?

Similarly, one in three millennials favor Communism with 30 percent of Generation Z mirroring the same sentiment. In one year, support for Communism in the United States grew ten percent. So, when we tore down the wall it was essentially pointless. Communism was so rad, but wait, where did the wall go? Millions are lifted out of poverty thanks to Capitalism. Communism, on the other hand, has a dark and treacherous past.

For the love of God, there’s a website called The site reports 57 percent of millennials feel the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom than the Communist Manifesto. Therefore, I’m to conclude that almost half feel the Manifesto guarantees greater freedom. I’m trying to think positively, but how do I turn this into a positive? Well, um, we could theorize it was 57 percent in the other direction.  

Are You Surprised? Considering, You Know…Indoctrination

Most millennials are enrolled in university, or have recently received their sheep skin. Surely, most are aware that 46.1 percent of faculty members in universities lean moderate. In addition, they must all be aware that 44.1 percent lean Liberal to Left. So, put the two figures together and subtract it from 100 percent. You’ll get 9.8 percent, proving the Conservative faculty presence on campus is minuscule. Actually, it’s only 9.2 percent because 0.6 percent failed to take the survey.

This education system isn’t diverse, and your boomer parents paid out the ass for this diversity. Clearly, all sides of political thought are being evenly discussed. I’m using sarcasm here, of course. Excluding schools of business, there’s no such thing as Conservative professors. Essentially, they’re non-existent, truly a shame in the interest of fairness. Nonetheless, these are egregious statistics. As, we’ve got freaks wearing Che Guevara on their chest with pride.

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Summing it Up: Millennials Support Communism

Firstly, it was an absolute delight to research this topic. Secondly, let me say, my back will break due to this world. Figuratively of course, as that’s where I carry all the stress. Lastly, people were killed repeatedly under Communist rule. Communism is a dangerous political theory. Not at all different than Fascism. Just on the opposite side.

In the end, I feel my children will suffer. They are the future who must deal with the current. Unfortunately, today’s millennials will receive positions of power. This could mean a government of hard Socialists, to authentic Communists. Furthermore, we must educate and stop this prophecy. We must support the voice of the Right on campus. All the while, we must ensure our children are educated properly on the true effects of Communism. Above all, we mustn’t let the statistic raise another ten percent. In the end, we must try to change the culture.

With that said, I feel a spoiler for next week is in order. Next week, we’ll look at murder rates by country. Then, we’ll play a game with these figures. Sorry though, you’ll have to come back and read that next week. One last thing, make sure you check out my friends Bob and Eric. As well as, an original show Len Lurks Moar on NRN Plus. Not to mention, use the code NRN and receive your first week free. That’s it. Until next time my friends, shalom.

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