Polar Bears and Climate Change

Polar Bears Can Easily Calm the Worldwide Panic

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A significant aspect of the climate change debate is global warming. Global warming, by definition, is the mainly human-caused rising of the Earth’s temperature. First and foremost, this writer is not a climate change denier. However, I am a climate change skeptic, as scientific reporting often has a leftist bias and narrative.

One argument used to combat its severity is polar bears. Consider that polar bears create a different perspective on the debate. Yes, the Earth is gradually warming, whether it is to the degree scientists are declaring is the question. However, the Earth has gone through many climate shifts before. It will not be the first shift, and it will not be the last.

What Do Polar Bears Need to Survive?

To survive, polar bears need a temperature of between -34C and -69C. However, some sites are reporting that the average arctic temperature in 2020 was -20C. Remarkably, there are more polar bears now than ever before. Gradually, since 2005 the polar bear population has risen 30 percent. That is the highest recording of polar bears in five decades.

Polar bears mainly diet on ringed or bearded seals. Coincidentally, these mammals require the same living conditions as polar bears. Funny, these mammals cannot migrate south. Both members of the seal family are in no immediate danger interestingly.

Ringed seals are in wide-spread distribution. There are two to seven million of them worldwide. In contrast, bearded seals seem to be harder to get data for. However, an estimated 250 thousand to 500 thousand are alive today. It appears the population in the arctic is surviving quite well.

How Many Polar Bears are There?

In 1904, it was the coldest year on record. Ironically, there have been numerous massive shifts since then. Although one did not hear this kind of hysteria. We on the right will move forward. So, how many polar bears are alive? Moreover, how does the number keep rising with such an extreme climate?

The majority of polar bears live in Canada. Russia, Alaska, Greenland, and Norway are their secondary homes. In 2012, there were 20 thousand to 25 thousand polar bears. Coincidentally, the Earth has seen warming since then. Funny enough, in 2020, there are 22 thousand to 31 thousand polar bears.

Contradictory Claims

The World Wildlife Foundation claims in reports that these bears are vulnerable. They claim that we will soon see these numbers decrease. Yet, the trend is proving contradictory to these claims. Furthermore, if polar bears need an average temperature of around -35C, how are they surviving with the reported -15C average?

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In particular, babies and older, sick polar bears would die quickly. Instead, consider that there were more polar bears hunted annually than linked to climate-related deaths. Unrelated (but related), one has to chuckle at the levels the left wish to lower carbon emissions. Undoubtedly, the left took science class and realize that plant life needs carbon.

Which do environmentalists want? Do they want the Earth to cool, or to lose a substantial number of trees and plant matter? Nevertheless, these contradictory claims need calling out. Not to mention the night and day theories they tout to themselves need examining.

Recap: Polar Bears and Climate Change

Let us re-analyze the spread. Are polar bears thriving? Yes. Even under this awful climate shift? Yes. Check, check, this is undoubtedly good news. Though it does not prove in full that climate change is an exaggerated hyperbole, it helps the case. Furthermore, it demonstrates leftist hypocrisy.

The fact is, the whole purpose of this article was simple. At no point was the intention to debunk climate change. As that is preposterous, clearly the temperature is shifting. However, the point of this article was to expose leftist hyperbole-speak. If the readers were to ask leftists, the world would end before President Trump gets re-elected this year. This is plainly harmful rhetoric, and fear-mongering is not cool.

Furthermore, one does not see the evidence for mass panic. Something so simple as a polar bear can be telling. Again, in no way shape or form is anyone claiming we do not need to treat the planet better. We need to do something to reduce emissions gradually.

However, those with panic states of mind should not create policy. The policy will be all emotion and no fiscal responsibility. Indeed, $600,000 per household would be a bit steep on the American taxpayer. Until next time, shalom, my friends.

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