Women’s Sports Saved in Idaho

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Governor Passes Two Bills Prohibiting Transgenders

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Gov. Brad Little (ID) on Monday March 30th, 2020, put two anti-transgender bills into action. This made Idaho the first among more than 40 states, that have attempted this kind of legislation. On Monday Little, a Republican, had approved both of the proposed bills. Firstly, all transgender persons may not change the gender they were assigned at birth. If you were assigned female at birth, that’s what your birth certificate will read.

Secondly, bill number two sees transgender females barred from female athletics. The basis, simply, is in the interest of fairness. As, a female athlete train their whole life to hone their craft. Furthermore, genetics would argue they’d be at a significant disadvantage. Both bills, as they stand, are a big win for the right. Though, these decisions come to the dismay of the trans community.

Little said that the courts will impose fines and hold top officials accountable. Should the court order be violated, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is in serious doo-doo. The state government needs to do its best to enforce both bills, no exceptions. Agree with him or not, Little deserves praise. Mostly because standing up for what you believe in 2020, can get you in hot water.

The First Bill, Focusing in on Birth Certificates

In 2018, the Federal courts ruled to uphold transgender rights. As the courts believed that transgenders are covered under Federal and State law. Namely, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Affordable Care Act. Seemingly, the bill would take a stance against this ruling. Unpopular or not, obviously one man isn’t the only person who felt this way. Clearly, the people of Idaho must’ve agreed.

The Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, says nothing about transgender people. Hence, the Idaho attorney general’s office didn’t appeal the ruling. If they did, it would’ve cost the people of Idaho $1 million. Simply, if the state wanted to risk losing the appeal, that’s the price tag. Furthermore, backers of the legislation believed the Federal court was erroneous in their 2018 verdict. Overall, a sense of unity is present. Little followed through with the bills. The law wishes to ensure proper birth records are kept.

The Second Bill, the Sporting World Can’t Confuse its Divisions

The sports bill was designed to ban transgender women from competing in female athletics. Particularly in public schools, colleges and universities. It states that all girls’ teams or women’s teams won’t be open to students who identify as transgender females. Backers say that without this law, female athletes would be at a physical disadvantage. The bill was proposed and passed.

Opponents, of course, feel that this bill is majorly discriminative. The bill subjects students to tests proving their gender. Similarly, it may also result in students avoiding sports altogether. Though at any rate, any bill has its yeas and nays. Coming as no surprise, Little would receive staunch criticism and backlash. Still, his bill would pass, and the majority sided with him.

Wrapping This Up

These bills saw great support from most Republicans in both, the House and the Senate. The numbers would ultimately overthrow any veto that would’ve come their way. With the Coronavirus, Little and the Republicans in the house saw little push-back. Opponents included: state and national transgender organizations, Idaho’s Planned Parenthood, and most democrats in the house. Though opponents condemn him and his actions, ultimately the bills passed, and now its time to withhold them.

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Idaho isn’t the first state this year to take a crack at the trans debate. Other states had proposed trans-related legislation this past year, just to no avail. This makes Little, and Idaho the first to become more than moderately successful. Most bills proposed from other states have died. It’s insightful, as to how Idaho must see gender dysmorphia. Now, Idaho and the world, must now move on to more pressing issues. Until next time my friends, shalom.

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