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During this time of quarantine, we are seeing the trial version of Socialism.  Empty aisles in local grocery markets and national chain stores like Target, Costco, and Walmart. There is a shortage of cleaning products like bleach, hand sanitizer, and even the cereal aisles are seeing a shortage. Meanwhile, many of the institutions we are supposed to trust are feeding us very strange points of information. While some of these might be minor, too many of these minor points can be like dying a death from a thousand cuts.

One Frustrating Digression

We’ve all heard it said from “reputable sources” about hints that supposedly help us live better. In one instance a Federal bureaucracy tells us that meat is seriously bad for you, as it is “carcinogenic”. Therefore, they gave us a diagram called the “Food pyramid”, which is basically plant-based now. The people talking about plant-based eating can knock it off, because that is what the standard American diet is.  

Why? They believed that saturated fats were bad for you. Come to find out, hexanated vegetable oil, when oxidized, induces triglycerides which calcifies in the arteries. As your immune system does not recognize the particulate lipid matter it attacks it, it causes clotting which causes “heart disease”. They also have come to find out that your cells are made up of cholesterol.

Saturated fats are in fact good for you. The USDA continues to tell us to eat bromated-bleached wheat and anti-nutrient filled vegetables. While the billion-dollar soy industry is chemically castrating men. They are demonizing the meat industry, including locally sourced grass-fed beef from local farms.

Clearly, this is a digression and not the point of this article, but it should give us pause to ask the question, “Who’s making these decisions for us?!” In terms of the current situation we find ourselves in, it is very apparent that people are frustrated. Businesses all over the country have come to a halt. In recent days, unemployment has skyrocketed to numbers unforeseen due to “shelter in place” orders.

Some business owners are pushing back while attempting to adhere to what is legal. Yet, many are facing closures all across the nation, thereby halting the economy. The question is why are we listening to bureaucracies, both internal and external, that have done little other than issue vague orders? They have essentially asked citizens to hand over rights because…“pandemic”.

World Health Organization Flops


If there is one thing to be sure, the World Health Organization (WHO) is not American, therefore trusting them would be a tragedy. As seen in this picture, the message demonstrates that they have no idea what they are talking about. Why are we as Americans trusting a global bureaucracy? The bigger question is, why is this organization dictating what we do on our shores?

Who gave them this power? Americans surely did not vote for them to govern what our country’s health measures are. For some reason we are trusting their numbers, data, projections, and accounts. Remember, this is the same WHO that capitulates and bends the knee to China and will not recognize Taiwan, as they are left in the dust in all of this pandemic scare.  We Americans are supposed to be listening to them?!

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Here in America, we are taking the words of the Center For Disease Control (CDC) as our primary outlet for information and best practices regarding the Wuhan Chinese Virus. We are guided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These organizations are the best we have in combating this virus pandemic here in the States. They are the leading authority on helping us.

The curious thing here is that there have been a lot of unknowns. Some of the CDC/FDA blunders should cause us to throw up a big fat question mark. We really should question how these orgs operate. You would think there was sufficient oversight on the citizen’s behalf.

For example, take an instance that is horrifyingly comedic. At one point, the CDC was the only organization approved by the FDA to create the COVID-19 testing kits while refusing kits from the private sector. Now, remember, private companies were not allowed to create testing kits but now they are because…reasons. Then the FDA approved the private sector to step up.

Now we have tests that could detect the virus in 5 minutes. Other companies are coming out with 2-minute detection kits. Remember, this is the same FDA that tells us that cigar/pipe tobacco is the exact same thing as cigarette tobacco. Similarly, South Korea handed the solution making to Samsung and LG to create the tests. They have curbed their numbers and are on the downturn, resuming normalcy.

Emulate What Works!

Perhaps the CDC and the FDA could look into the country that is more than just BTS and kimchee! Yet the FDA still will not learn the lesson and continued to refuse private companies the chance to excel! Now they have tucked their tails, due to the President stepping in to get the FDA to approve private participation. Approve they did, and now Battelle is at capacity for mask sterilization and reuse.

It took President Trump to step in rather than them just letting the private sector run loose to step up and help! Let’s not forget the antics of the media entertainment industrial complex like CNN, who said it was basically foolish to sanitize and reuse masks, rather than throw them away. That is equally foolish, considering there is a short supply.  But people are now sewing and producing their own masks for distribution to first responders.  

Speaking Of Media

As much as we hate how the current media operates, the fact that they seem to be beyond saving makes it all the more fun to mock them. They continue to be the dumpster fire we all know they are. Rachel Maddow said that the carriers USNSs Comfort and Mercy docking in LA and NYC as “nonsense”. Ten days later, the USNS Comfort arrived in New York City. The Mercy arrived in LA on March 27th.

The aforementioned “slopagandist” CNN continues to fail repeatedly. Lately they have claimed that the treatment option of Chloroquine was equally nonsensical until the FDA approved it finally.

Ultimately, They’re All Dysfunctional

Throughout all of this, it is quite clear that government agencies and Federal bureaucracies do not help citizens at all. First, they said quarantine for 15 total days, till they moved it to 30 because…reasons. This while the economy is tanking. They also continue to report on how many masks we have, but not how many we need.

At one point, the CDC recommended not using masks, but now masks might help, and in many cases masks are effective. It was the CDC who “recommended” not using Everclear. They got their own fact-checking wrong, citing that 70% alcohol is needed for sanitation and implying Everclear wasn’t good enough. EverClear is a 90% alcohol-based formula, so they quickly backpedaled. These are the inconsistencies and flip-flopping that continues to stir mistrust in our institutions. This further frustrates the American people, and many are about to pop off.

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