Feminism’s Hypocrisy is Showing

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November 9, 2016: Kickoff to Crazy

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When 2016 happened, feminists started piling into the streets and marching for the ending of men. They were spouting almost every toxic rhetoric from wanting to blow up the White House to not being able to choose their period. Throughout America, the streets were lined in pink pussy hats. The shrill shrieks of women could be heard all up and down the media airwaves and into our homes. All because these women didn’t like it when a man said women let him grab them by the pussy.

Then we got the word from a professor who claimed that “… indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter, the uproarious laughter…”, as some lady alleged that then SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh should not take that position. She alleged that he drank too much beer and then sexually assaulted her (Professor Christine Blasey Ford). Way back when she was a mere 15 years old. Again, feminists took to the streets and marched all up and down America, shouting out misogyny and sexism. They did everything in their shrill power to stop Kavanaugh from his entry into the Supreme Court. Even with the backing power of Democrat Senators and Representatives (like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker). Truth prevailed, but it didn’t stop the shrieking. 


Every point the feminists today make is all about believing the victims.  “Believe all women” is the hashtag. From the keyboards and YouTube channels of every male feminist, to female op-eds from every single Leftist publication, the single solitary cry is “Time’s up!” It worked for one guy who is now facing prison time for actually being a degenerate. Now never mind Johnny Depp, who, as it turns out is actually the victim, from his estranged ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Forget about the damage done to the Kavanaugh family, as Professor Ford is now possibly working on a book deal. Though now she works silently as her role is over and done with. What happens when it’s one of your own and your own just happens to be running for President? You do what any Leftist does, and apply the “rules for thee, but not for me” tactic and feign ignorance.  

A woman came out recently and accused Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual misconduct. Tara Reade recently spoke out about her experience as an aide and accuses Joe Biden with a pretty alarming story. What is most alarming is that in the middle of all of the grandstanding, the #MeToo movement continued to go about its business. Reade said that she reached out to the “Time’s Up” portion of the movement, and they denied her petition for legal representation. 

Time’s Up is a charitable organization that seeks to “equalize” the work environment, so that women can have a fighting chance to withstand the toxicity of sexual harassment and abuse there. They claim to do this by providing safety in the workplace, equity in the policies, and the disruption of the power structure that will afford women that safety and equity. Yet, according to Reade, when she submitted her grievances to Time’s Up, they denied her assistance. It is also interesting to know that SKDKnickerbocker is Time’s Up PR firm. SDKKnickerbocker is run in part by Joe Biden’s campaign Manager Anita Dunn.

More Fodder to Throw

At the end of the day, the media is all hush about the indiscretions of Creepy, sleepy, possibly dementia suffering Joe Biden. The Far Left media entertainment industrial complex blows up though over a comment made by a really rich man on a bus, one who would become our President. That accusation is believed at face value, unfortunately. Especially when the “slopgandists” at CNN rip things out of context a’ la Ted Lieu.

Those same folks bring out the political peacock parade of Leftist politicians who take the word of a shoddy memory. One with no corroborative evidence by the way, of an event that happened nearly 30 years ago. From what appeared to be a very psychologically damaged woman with no evidence. If it’s to halt a SCOTUS nomination of a pro-life Justice, they cry “Believe Her!” When it’s on their team, “Don’t believe her yet, because, that’s our guy” is the standard.  The level of arrogance and disgust should rise up!

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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It is definitely one hypocrisy to keep in our back pockets. When the time comes, and it will come again, Time’s Up’s time will be up, and once again, #MeToo fails another woman. Feminism is less about women, and more about narrative. We can throw Biden back at them and call them on their hypocrisy.

Then we can go back to loving the hot trad wives and feminine women who love their men and their country. Ones who want to live their lives. All while the shrieks of the feminists and the #MeToo movement die because of Creepy Joe. That is the hope, and comedy duo Aba and Preach share that sentiment clearly!

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