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Mayor Pete Drops Out of the Democratic Presidential Race

Pete Buttigieg (Photo credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

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Pete Buttigieg started off as a strong presidential candidate. The former Mayor of South Bend, IN has officially dropped out of the Democratic presidential race as of Sunday, March 1st 2020. What would have been a cringe worthy, yet historic moment was if Mayor Pete won. Historic because America would have had its first gay President. Cringe worthy because he is as much of a Socialist/Leftist as Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

And He’s Off…

Buttigieg officially launching his campaign on April 14th, 2019. He was the youngest candidate in the race and also the first openly gay US presidential candidate with a serious chance. Republican Fred Karger was the first in 2012, but had no chance. Buttigieg had a very strong start winning Iowa and scoring a close second in New Hampshire. His former colleagues on the Democratic platform were of all the shades, but they were still all straight. This was considered Pete’s shining characteristic. He is an openly gay man married to another man and was a mayor for a stint only to announce his running for president. He was an unknown to be sure, but was beloved because of his homosexual status, a strong proponent for the Democratic Party in terms of identity, and fervently advocated for whatever else the Left pushes. All of that the DNC laps up like a thirsty chihuahua.

Yet, Lacked Values

For all of his gayness which is what he continued to push and celebrate, there were numerous amounts of red flags from the guy. Many would make the claim he’s more of a “moderate.” That was only because within the last two weeks, he was up against a far-Left Socialist in the form of Bernie Sanders. While most of the rhetoric from Buttigieg might have seemed less authoritarian, it wasn’t. Buttigieg is about as extreme Left as you can be.

Buttigieg is about as extreme Left as you can be

From claiming the reason why there are 11 million illegals is because the economy brought them here, this guy also said ICE’s mission of is illegal. He stated there is no room for pro-lifers in the DNC. He wants Medicare for all for those who “want it.” To be clear, the degree is far more extreme than what we had with Obamacare. For example, with Obamacare, if you didn’t enroll, you were taxed with a fine of about $695 or so depending on your tax bracket. With Mayor Pete, those same individuals could be forced to pay a premium that’s 10 times that amount. That is about $7000 per year even though they may never used the insurance.

Good-bye Pete, We Won’t Miss Ya

It’s bad enough the whole DNC stage is a clown show. Now, with each presidential debate leading up to Super Tuesday, Pete is gone. He is one less crazed radical Leftist to worry about. It would have been fun to see President Trump lay the little boy across his lap and give him a political whooping of which we would have loved to see. As Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang all have said “Bye,” we now bid the first Democratic gay presidential candidate a very hearty adieu. As of now, we can all get back to seeing Sleepy Joe, Fauxcahontas, Mini-Mike, and Commie Sanders fight it out towards Super Tuesday. Needless to say, Trump 2020 is definitely in the bag. Don’t forget to vote!

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