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Trump is Only Halfway There

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Since the year 2016, regular, average, everyday Americans felt a renewed sense of value. This after years of being told they were aimless pieces of garbage. Why? Just because they disagreed with a black guy (Obama). Americans were seeing themselves as mediocre, and it showed in the economy, the race relations, and even on the global stage. 

Enter Donald Trump. Since his announcement as the Republican candidate for President of the United States, the Left has launched a full-scale assault upon the man they once regarded as the pinnacle of the American Dream. Every rapper wanted “The Trump Life”. Every woman desired a spot in his acclaimed “Ms. America” brand.

Some even wanted to spend a night with Mr. Moneybags himself. He made reality TV pretty darn entertaining. In turn, he showed himself to love America before it was cool, much less rebellious, as it is today. Then the narrative changed. Rappers hate him now, the media demonizes him almost hourly, and anyone remotely associated with him is regarded as “racist”.

Observing the Dems

Everything so far has been rendered useless. The media entertainment industrial complex continues to spend billions attempting to convince their fanbase (of six, as well as the airline passengers trodding through America’s airports) of Trump’s “evil”. While we do need to ensure that we recognize the impressive continuity of their message, or the tirelessness of their smear tactics, the overarching fact remains: Liberalism is cancer.

It doesn’t matter if we are staring at the sweat-caked hair follicles of a rancid feminist’s armpits, as she cackles on about “straight white male privilege” and “rape culture”. Even whether we continue to see journalists sit in their ivory towers, blaming everything on a duly-elected President for even the slightest change in temps across the States. We even had these same people attempt to overthrow him via an impeachment sham.

A sham which will undermine the entire political governance system as dictated by the people, who voted said badass into office. Since taking office, Trump has been working overtime to bring America back to the way it was. Namely at the top economically, politically, globally, and culturally. Whether CNN, TMZ, MSNBC, or even Fox – because propaganda is propaganda (Shep Smith), the media entertainment industrial complex has been continually harping on the President because, reasons.

The Current State

Any keen observation of the Democratic party, (also known as the Alt-Left party, also known as Socialists, also known as Communists), will give any objective viewer the means to recognize the truth. That all the while, as liberals virtue-signaled and perched themselves on a quadriplegic jackass, telling Americans they were “a basket of deplorables”, America started to win and win big. Black Americans started making money by being employed. New jobs came back as if a magic wand was waved.

The Dow and S&P numbers continued to skyrocket. Unemployment numbers in general tanked and more and more people started working, buying, and living again. Living free even, more smiles are also showing on the face of everyday Americans. Americans even started hearing all the things and just said, “I don’t care…” as they continued to be labeled as “sexist” “racists” “transphobic” etc.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Look how the media and the Left treated 15-year-old Catholic schoolboys while ignoring a meth-addict Native American Vietnam vet wannabe. One who was in fact nothing more than a refirmec, which is short of “refrigerator mechanic”. Americans woke up to the Left and the media (which are kind of one and the same at this point) and decided to speak up.  From there we had gems pop up like Candace Owens, KingFace, Charlie Kirk, Larry Elder, David Harris Jr., Officer Tatum, Steven Crowder, along with new media and social media platforms, all becoming the public square.

This leads us to once again watch the Democrats and the Left as they are falling apart. What we now have within the Democrat representation is an old rich white Socialist, and a walking fossil exhibiting signs of dementia. This from the party and the side that continued to lecture Americans about diversity and representation. They are now represented by rich old white guys.

On top of that, the “Squad” has remained rather silent, probably because they will be lambasted online if they don’t. With the current debacle that is the Wuhan virus, (sorry, the Coronavirus, sorry, COVID-19… eh, the Wuhan virus), the Left spins the whole thing and blames Trump. Falling apart is simply not what they wanted to do. Because of the instant access to the Internet, they are though.

Playing the Long Game

The thing to remember here though is that while yes, we can all sit back and laugh about bat soup causing chaos in the region of Wuhan, China; we are not done fighting. We do need to consider the long game. If a Democrat ever gets in office, it is up to us to ensure they abide by our rules. “We the People” is still in the Declaration of Independence, and the last time we checked, we are still America. 

It is imperative that not only do we, as those not on the Left, go to the polls but that we go to the polls in droves. We also do need to ensure that we are engaging people. Mockery, satire, irony, and hypocrisy-revealing tactics are all secondary to discussion and civil conversation. Berating the opposition will not change any minds.

Anything we do needs to be as above reproach as possible. If we are going to convince anyone that the MAGA movement and the KAG movement is beneficial, that is. We have seen it work and continue to see it work as our White, Black, Latino, Asian, and Native brothers and sisters (all red-blooded Americans) are winning. We continue to win, but only if we understand that it is up to us to keep our leaders accountable.

That means voting “no” to bad policies. We must be voting in good candidates who represent us well. Ultimately we have to be making sure that we hold every leader, every President, every Congressman and woman, every Senator, every SCOTUS Justice accountable. This because ultimately, we’re the boss and these folks work for us.

The Future

Trump 2020 is not quite in the bag just yet. Yes, it might seem like what the Democrats are giving us implies it is, but it’s going to take votes. Local and national voting is a must, we need to develop a long game. Trump will only be in office again if we the people make it happen.

That also means that Trump will only have another 4 years. Then, are we going to sit and be lulled by the comforts of a great Presidency, or will we be active and alert? Realizing that once he’s gone, keeping America great requires people with heart and soul. It will take all of us to put the pedal to the metal, to kick the tires and light the fires to protect the values we all hold dear. The Left wants that destroyed as they are the very embodiment of evil that continues to drum up division in order to usurp power.

If Donald Trump taught us anything, it is that love for country, values, and love for people is tantamount to a thriving nation. The Left taught us that love of self requires the demonization of everything else but your ego. If ego teaches us anything, is that it’s a ticking time bomb of selfishness, which leads ultimately to the very thing that will enslave us all, Communism. Communism leads to starvation and genocide, wrought with mediocrity.

Stretch? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Especially when we have real-life examples like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and so on. We can’t let up the gas on this, we MUST go and vote with each election, whether it’s your district, state, or national election. KAG is not just a movement, it’s probably going to be what helps us survive if a Democrat takes the Presidency again.

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