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Regardless of Party, Politicians Work for Us

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With the Democratic Presidential debates happening in full swing, it appears as though all the heavily projected players of the game all bowed out. As Andrew Yang, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) have all dipped out of the race for whatever reason, the big ones like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Mayor Pete Buttigeig (D-IN), and former Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) have all clung on and are holding strong. Now a new contender has entered the ring in the form of former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg.

While we have all heard from each candidate both present and former, it’s such a toss up as the entire Democratic National Convention has taken on the positions that are far more Left than the center Left that much of the American population are adhering to. From standing for more Socialist policies such as “medicare for all” to slight encroachments upon our Constitutional rights like being for sweeping gun control to even being pro-abortion even as the baby crowns, we know what comes out of the mouths of these candidates.

So when a former Right leaning Mayor enters the race as a DNC candidate we do have to ask what this guy has to offer. This is even more of a question considering he is one of the biggest elitist billionaire candidates out there. This is the man who has done some pretty significant damage to New York City as well as his own reputation. For him, this is not so much as one or two career ending acts, but more like the notion of death by a thousand cuts and this is the guy that wants to be president.

Big Gulp Fiasco in the Nanny State of NY

7-Eleven is a very popular convenience store franchise peppered all throughout the United States. These stores litter street corners of suburban Detroit to the LA’s Hollywood Hills. People affectionately know the chain for their delectable slushie drinks we all know as the Slurpee. The frothy, soda pop drink mixture of crushed ice mixed with your favorite carbonated beverage of choice has graced the lips of everyone young and old in all seasons and all weather patterns from the cold of Minnesota to the desert heat of Arizona.  

7-Eleven is also known for their trademark Big Gulp. It is exactly how you’re envisioning it. A monster-sized cup filled to the brim with your sugary soda pop drink. Granted, it is definitely an obvious notion drinking those drinks is not good for one’s health. The liquids have massive doses of high fructose corn syrup mingled with the phosphoric acid that can cut through a greasy puddle splash from your windshield. They can literally change the composition of a raw egg and Americans down on average almost 45 gallons per year of these drinks. Again, not the healthiest choice if one had to choose between water or soda pop, but that’s the choice we have. It is literally the freedom and owning the consequences of ones actions. So what does the Big Gulp have to do with Bloomberg?

Daddy Bloomberg Protecting His Citizens

In 2012, Bloomberg and his “health” team judged the Big Gulp was a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic plaguing his city. He felt if the Big Gulp was banned, it would turn his city around. On paper, it sounded benevolent and caring. One could make the case Bloomberg was acting like “Papa Daddy” to the citizens of his city. It all sounds great does it not?

Banning sodas over 16 oz to keep people from drinking those 32 oz monsters because of fat people and “diabeetus.” It sounds like Bloomberg actually cares doesn’t it? You can all press X to doubt on that because it is not benevolence. It is in fact, nothing more than a mismanagement of power by delusion. He even said, “I’m trying to do what’s right for my children, for you.” By banning drinks larger than 16 oz, he effectively hurt his city’s businesses and infringed upon his citizens’ own right to choose whether or not they would drink the 40 oz soda pop beasts. Suffice it to say a judge ruled on it cancelling the ban. The fact Bloomberg instituted it because he felt it was the right thing to do for the health of his city, yet removing the right to choose is basically what happened. He has no concept of the parameters of the government.

“Starve The Bums!”

No. He did not outright say “Starve the bums!” because that would be insensitive. He did, however, enact a policy that would effectively do just that. In 2012, Bloomberg enacted a policy banning food donations. The reason he gave was because, “the city can’t assess their salt, fat, and fiber content.” This effectively also halted charitable can drives. Again, it isn’t the city’s job to assess the salt, fat, and fiber content of a can of Hormel beans. It should be more important to allow people the ability to be generous and take care of the homeless. Is the city going to do that now and provide food at no cost to the taxpayers? 

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Again, press X to doubt on that because we all know the government can’t do anything well that takes care of anyone. Anyone doubting this should just look at the DMV or the US Post Office for failing government services trying to provide services to people. Bloomberg wanted to handle food for people. Not a great combination of anything worth noting. Granted, it is a valid concern that people are consuming high doses of salty greasy food and you want to assist these fine folks in making better food choices. It is hard to take the former mayor seriously when he’s eating greasy and salty foods himself!

The surprising thing is beyond just his “Stop and Frisk” policy he grossly mismanaged. This resulted in him apologizing. However, he has far more blunders than we care to list appropriate. From praising Socialized healthcare to where a 95 year old cancer patient won’t get treatment to the far greater monetary amounts of campaign donations which would leave Dinesh D’Souza seething and then some. This is the guy who simply wants to use the cudgel of the government in order to act as if he is some kind of king who gets to impose his rule upon the people.

Tip of the Iceberg

Bloomberg claims he cares so he wants to ban soda drinks without your say. He then attempts to halt food donations because they could have too much salt as he munches down on a New York City hot dog. Since he is such a rich elitist surrounded by enabling “yes men,” he thinks he can do just do XYZ. It is clear Bloomberg has no understanding of his role much less THE role of government in the US. Like King George, he thinks he can ban this and regulate that as the citizens’ lives are quite the living hell. He claims the removal of choice is a necessity all in the name of King Bloomberg. And now this man wants to be President of the United States too. Scary.

Bloomberg enacted policy after ban after policy after ban while Trump cut taxes, deregulated policies, and cut a bunch of red tape

People made the dishonest connection and claimed that Trump is just like Bloomberg. Obviously, the comparison is similar in that they are both old white men with billions in their pocket. Again, there are also stark differences. Bloomberg enacted policy after ban after policy after ban while Trump cut taxes, deregulated policies, and cut a bunch of red tape. Trump also allowed more people to have guns is simply just night and day between the former NYC mayor and the real estate mogul turned President. Yes, because they have money, one could make the argument but again, actions speak louder than policies and bans that don’t work for people.

Bloomberg: A Microcosm

It is safe to assume Bloomberg might not have an understanding of government much less his role in it. The DNC has no grasp of government as they want to shred the Constitution as well as take hold of power that rightfully belongs to the people. Again, “We The People…” is what kicked off this whole American experiment. We continually need to remind ourselves these politicians, whether in Congress or in our local districts, they work for us, the citizenry.

Warren works for the people of Massachusetts. Bloomberg was voted in BY the people and he works for the people. Those people don’t need to adhere to his ideas; he needs to abide by theirs. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) works for the people of the Washington’s 7th district. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is employed by the people of the 14th district of New York.  Warren, Buttigeig, Biden, and all the other senators and representatives are all employed by their constituents. All the while, President Donald Trump is employed by the people of the United States.

Citizens of the US do not need to be nannied by our government or leaders. It is their job to govern and lead according to the US Constitution. If we don’t like what they’re doing, we simply fire them because this is a government by the people and for the people. Sadly the Democratic National Convention, the Far Left Democrats, and most RINOs have failed time and time again to recognize this simple truth.

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