ROLE REVERSAL Part 2: The Double Down

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Another Leaked Recording

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Just days after the explosive leaked audio of Aquaman actress Amber Heard’s heated conversation with her ex-husband, Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, we have not gotten another very explicitly insane bit of audio. At least not from any mainstream media outlet to any extent. We did, however, get leaked audio from The Daily Mail of all places. The insanity just continues from Amber Heard. Not only is she the abuser, but she is also a liar and is using her womanly demeanor to escape justice.

She Is A Victim?

When the Women’s March in Los Angeles took place, it was business as usual. Many of the chants were the same trite un-creative jargon we’ve heard for the last few years: anti-Trump nonsense, women deserve equal pay, pro-abortion jargon, and of course, believe all women. Believe women because, men are terrible, men are all rapists, women are victims. That’s been the mantra for these women’s marches since their inception.

When the #MeToo movement came along, the craze heightened to new forms of insanity. Some years, the Women’s March have even barred pro-life women from marching along, and yet they still continue to call themselves “pro-women.” Then Amber Heard took the stage and well, dumpster fire anyone?  The cringe from this woman acting, yes acting as if she is a victim. 

She spoke about having to fight her way and ignore criticism. Also about the male behavior that barred her from being a woman, and so on. It is really just tiresome, because it is the same thing every “victim” uses. The truth shall set you free, even if it goes against women.

Then The First Clip Dropped

Five days later, the first audio of the Heard/Depp conversation was leaked to the masses. It displayed a very different narrative than what we had been told regarding Depp, his reputation, and the status of Heard. In this first audio, Depp isn’t the abuser, he’s actually the abused. Heard wasn’t the poor helpless tragic victim of domestic violence and abuse, she was the one perpetrating it.

Then, through gaslighting, pivoting and deflecting, we all witnessed Amber Heard not just mock Depp, but attempt to categorize “violence” to things such as “I didn’t ‘punch’ you Johnny, I hit you but I didn’t punch you!” She even went so far as to mock Depp by calling him a “baby” for walking away. Qualifying the violence Heard had exhibited throughout their relationship. You can listen to that audio for yourself here.

Then The Second One Hits

Apparently, Heard called up Depp during the time when Heard initiated a restraining order on Depp. This was at the height of their divorce settlement. She began talking to Depp in the same accusatory fashion. She allegedly blames Depp and his team for leaking to TMZ about their divorce, which they both agreed to keep private.

Then the audio continues.  In it, you hear a very broken, very contrite, and very sincere sounding Johnny Depp extend an olive branch and try to broker what amounts to a peace treaty between the two parties. Through it all, the overarching narrative is, “I’m a slender woman Johnny, and I didn’t abuse you because I didn’t necessarily knock you down and because I’m a slender woman and you’re a man, no one is going to believe you.” Exploiting the narrative to the utmost.

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The Reactions

The reactions to this second clip have been extreme, and people are picking apart Heard’s claims left and right. Again, comedy duo from Canada Aba & Preach, among many others, are ensuring that #JusticeforJohnnyDepp continues to trend. It is quite interesting how the subtext of the #MeToo movement is the notion that the allegations of women are to be believed because they are victims of abuse. They are the ones who are women and so, simply because they are women, they must be believed. Or else you are sexist misogynist pig.  “Women don’t lie because why would they?”  

Yet, it seems that a woman will lie to look good in the court of public opinion. Women apparently do lie for the sake of their own reputations, and people lie all the time for money. As we see with Heard, she lied about being the abuser. She also knows that, in the court public opinion, Johnny Depp being a man will be against him.

She knows Depp will be the one who takes the brunt of justice in a gynocentric society, where equity is a sham and equality is a farce. We see a common theme with Heard. She is using the #MeToo movement to belittle and demean her ex-husband, and in turn giving the green light for other women to do the same to any and every man there is. Pathetic.

The Unfortunate Consequences

This whole notion of equality has been tainted by incidents like this, and Heard has just contributed to the problem by saying the things she said. In the midst of all of this, there will be real victims of abuse who are tossed by the wayside. When a woman comes forward, she will be met with, “Are you sure you’re not pulling an Amber Heard?” That is where the #MeToo movement has failed real victims. Too many women are pulling an Amber Heard. It will be extremely difficult to stand for women who are real victims, when women like Amber Heard now are muddying the waters of equality and justice.

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