#MeToo Role Reversal

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Guilty! … Until Proven Otherwise

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“Believe all women!” “Believe all victims!” That has been the mantra of the #metoo movement. Women have been coming out of the woodwork to face their abusers and bring them into the world’s spotlight to reveal the abuses they claim to have faced. 

But #metoo has been sort of a one way deal and then the statistics come out. Today women are trying to fight for equity in the world. A world where men must take the brunt of almost everything from mental illness and suicide to physical abuse. This misandry is real and almost ignored by the masses, no matter how “compassionate” some might be. 

There is another less popular side of the coin, let’s call it reverse-#metoo. The latest public victim of reverse-#metoo is in fact, Johnny Depp. As recent audio clips emerged online showing the allegations he’s faced regarding his ex, Amber Heard, is not as one sided as it appeared to be.

The Audio Proof

Aquaman co-star Heard was married to Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp and yet their relationship was a tumultuous one. In 2016, Heard accused Depp of being verbally and physically abusive, which led to a very public $7 million dollar divorce settlement. Due to the continual defamation of Depp by Heard whether through op-ed pieces or interviews, Depp was dropped from his franchise with Disney and in turn lost millions of dollars in income due to the stigma of him being labeled an abuser of women.  

Then the audio clips came out which proved it really was not Depp who initiated the violence; it was Heard. Throughout the clip, disturbing statements from Heard revealed quite a lot. Based on the audio-clips, one has to wonder if Depp was actually the abused rather than Heard. You can listen to the full exchange here.  

“I didn’t ‘punch’ you… you baby!”

The portions of the audio clips which might be most damning of Heard are ones where she denies her violence is violent. Throwing pots, pans, and vases is not worth validating for her. The exchange also captured Heard telling Depp he “should still have endured and ‘fought’ for the marriage instead of removing himself from the situation.” 

One moment into this clip the deranged nature of how one can be so feminist and so one sided as to have lost contact with reality became crystal clear. If physical violence is something we are supposed to avoid, then there can’t be degrees of violence. Violence is just violence. For Heard to make an attempt at qualifying what a “hit” is versus a “punch” seems to be very hypocritical. More often than not, in our culture, men are supposed to take it and not complain. Heard was then noted in the clip calling Depp a “baby” for pointing out her own violent actions. 

Is @metoo Abuse A Clear Case Of FDIA?

Based on the conversation from the audio clips, it seems that every fight or every thing Heard does is done to belittle Depp and to portray him as the one with a problem. He endured large amounts of verbal abuse only to then have Heard play the victim and pretend the Aquaman co-star was to blame. The disturbing nature of the the whole thing is one a brand new level of terrifying.

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Heard is but one of many women who push for the fight against misogyny and yet are some of the most misandrist people out there. The hypocrisy of these pro-feminists is so glaring that it’s almost everywhere online, exposing the full nature of these people. You can see one such instance from Steven Crowder where a woman said to him, after he was assaulted by a transwoman, the trite simple yet glaringly hypocritical and rather privileged statement, “You’re fine….” 

This Is Why #metoo Must Be Reformed

As of now, so many are commenting on this, from The Amazing Lucas‘ hilarious perspective to comedian duo Aba & Preach. Between just these two and anyone else who has listened to the entire exchange, all have come to the conclusion that the feminist Heard is in fact the aggressor while Depp is the actual victim.

This provides further proof that elements within this whole #metoo movement is nothing more than a sanctimonious hypocritical weapon used to emasculate, demean, belittle, gaslight, oppress, and enslave men into nothing more than docile bank accounts. These cases have proven to be extremely gynocentric with no equity at all in the mix. If this exchange admits anything, it is men in fact do face more abuse than we are lead to believe. The only reason why nothing is said or no one comes out is because there is the expectation for men to be “strong” and “take it.”  

But if violence is violence, it doesn’t matter if it’s a slap or a punch or if pots, pans, and vases are throw. It is still violent. Worth noting the best defense in situations like these is to avoid them and get out of relationships. Don’t tell Heard or those other feminists this, because many of them believe men just need to take the abuse. In these feminists’ positions the men should “Man up and let me be violent or be the aggressor because I’m a strong woman.  But YOU, a man, cannot fight back or defend yourself because then you’ve become an abuser.”

Male Victims Deserve Protection and Justice Too

We simply need to dig a grave, toss the decayed flesh of this dead movement into the grave, and bury it so it will rot. It has surely become even more rotten than before and with #JusticeforJohnnyDepp trending, we can only hope Depp’s defamation lawsuit plays out and Heard gets the short end of the stick for her misandry. Heard has essentially taken the movement and shot it in the chest. She is not the only one. We will see if the feminist groups can continue to inject some form of life support and save the soul of #metoo before it’s too late.

We can also only hope this is one of many instances where the Feminist misandrists will understand men are fighting back, sometimes with violence. Other times they will use the courts. In this case, if Depp wins, it’s a big statement for women that they can’t always have it one way. So take note.

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