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Nine Lives Tragically Lost

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In light of the tragedy of the Kobe Bryant death who was with 8 other people including his 13 year old daughter, much of the country mourned the death of a sports hero and inspiration. The family lost a sister, a husband, and a doting father. For the few days since his passing, much of America had a wave of differing emotions from shock, awe, disbelief, grief, anger, confusion, and empathy to the Bryants as well as the other families and individuals who lost their lives in that crash.

What was not expected was the Blue Checkmark Twitter Brigade to come out in full force. Many of them decided it was in their best interest to dig up Kobe’s 12 year old past and accuse the man, now dead, of his non-crimes in a #metoo festering cesspool-like venereal disease ridden drop to further demean his reputation. They did so before his body was cold.

What It’s About

When Bryant was 24, he found himself in the midst of a whirlwind of a sexual assault case which was proven to be false. According to law enforcement records, the accuser alleged that Bryant raped her in a hotel room in Colorado. But as the case went on, DNA evidence proved this to be a false allegation as it was reported Bryant’s accuser had “vaginal trauma.” This indicated prior to meeting Bryant, she was already sexually active. Essentially, everything was settled both in the criminal and civil courts. It turned out the accuser has a mental disorder which in turn due to her medication, rendered her account unreliable. A depressing story made worse. Bryant did admit to infidelity, but denied the rape charge. The evidence submitted to the courts supported this.

Even dead men can’t catch a break in the #metoo movement era

Over a decade plus and here we are living in the time when even dead men can’t catch a break in the #metoo movement era. Their past can continue to haunt them even if they were exonerated due to lack of evidence. People continue turning up in droves to call him out on a crime he never legally committed. It definitely seems as though the feminist movement will not let Bryant nor his widow rest regarding all of this. And this is the #metoo movement we are all supposed to be fighting to support and defend.

Evan Rachel Wood

“Westwood” actress Evan Rachel Wood was one of the first to come at Bryant within hours of his death. She tweeted, “What has happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe’s family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. And all of these truths can exist simultaneously.” When that went out, the backlash was thick! It was to the point the actress deleted the tweet and then put her Twitter page on private where it still remains. She was even called out by fellow actress Kyla Pratt where the Frozen 2 actress responded with this tweet response.

Ari Shaffir

Comedian Ari Shaffir was one of the many who voiced opinions regarding the death of Bryant with this gem of a tweet that came out just hours after the crash.  

Again, using a false allegation and a dismissed case to make a grotesque point to be an edgy comedian and yet towing the line with the spirit of the toxic #metoo movement is what this tweet reeks of.

Yet again once the backlash was out in full force, the comedian claims he was hacked, then put his Twitter on private. He then apologized about kids being on that chopper, but doubled down continuing attacks on his Instagram stories. Shaffir continues his hits on Bryant false rape allegations as if it were a legitimate thing when reality proved it was dismissed. The flip flopping of this guy is beyond real. It will be interesting to see how he spins his apologies since his talent agency has since dropped him and club dates are dropping him. We all know people like this who will offer non-apologies as they always do. Shaffir tried to explain it off as just being a dark joke.

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Cowards Will Spill Their Own Tea

Apparently for Woods, her hypocrisy is glaring in the sense that when she tried to do damage control. It bit her back hard as she called for tolerance and respect, but she could not wait a week before Bryant was buried. Then, to blast this out for the world, Vanessa, and their remaining three daughters to see her demonization of Bryant in this way is horrid. People took note. We can only hope Woods will have a working job if and when the new season of Westwood comes out on HBO. 

As far as Shaffir, he has been a simpleton for the #metoo movement since before the #metoo movement was a thing. His continual targeting and accusing Bryant of the rape he never committed. As Shaffir’s tour dates are becoming less and less and with his talent agency dropping him, we can only assume he will fade into the fray as irrelevant.

What we can see here is the basic lesson as #metoo flip flops from irrelevant celebrities who know absolutely nothing. They galavant around in their expensive clothing and elitist demeanor as they lecture the rest of us to follow their lead. Yet when you have Hollywood shills behave in this manner, why are we listening to them as if they have something virtuous to say? Spoiler alert, they have nothing worth listening to; therefore, we should simply pat them on the head and say, “Good clown, now go continue your act and we’ll toss you the crumbs you deserve.”

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