Is the United States For Sale?

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How Much is Needed for Your Politician to Be Bought?

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News has circulated accusing 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg (D-NY) of trying to buy the nomination. Like Soros has done, it appears Bloomberg is buying support from congressional representatives and governors alike in an attempt to push into law gun-control measures. The American people have no greater evidence that some congressional representatives are bought by money than the recent statement by the incoming Florida Senator Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton) being “grateful” for the contributions made to his campaign by Everytown for Gun Safety. 

Bloomberg Funds “Everytown”

Michael Bloomberg funds the Everytown initiative, yet another step in his plan not only to buy the election, but the governance and laws of the nation. This attempt could have the effect of stripping the American people of their God given and constitutionally protected rights. To anyone who thinks their vote or opinion should count, there is no greater insult than the evidence that their vote is being overridden by Democrats and some Republicans financed by those who do not represent them.

Stripping Constitutional Rights is Not the Answer!

Senator Galvano supported SB-7026 during the last senate session. His support for the bill supposedly came after the Parkland High School shooting. He could have addressed the two primary issues which led to the terrible tragedy: a cowardly law enforcement force and an FBI that neglected to act on information that would have prevented the shooter from acting. Instead, the senator supported taking away the constitutional rights of his constituency. 

NRA’s Marion Hammer noted our Second Amendment rights would appear to have been sold for a large contribution from Bloomberg. Galvano received a total of $500,000, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times and the Florida Department of State Division of Elections.

Can Term Limits Stop the Sale of Our Rights?

It’s time that the law was changed to keep the big money boys from buying the US. We’ll never see an end to the corruption in Congress or a government that continues to strip the people of their rights until term limits and limits on lobbying are in place. Term limits and donation restrictions may just be what’s needed to keep the rich from buying control of the Congress and local government. It’s time Democrats in disguise as Republicans be exposed for the turncoats to the Republic they really are! 

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