The Iranian People: A Voice for Liberty!

Seeking Freedom on Their Own

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Iranian protesters prove the Iranian regime’s talking points are not representative of the Iranian people! They want their freedom from the terrorist regime and have taken to the streets demanding it. In an open and risky display, these Iranian student protesters refuse to walk on American and Israeli flags. Their actions clearly demonstrate they desire a governmental system giving them freedom instead of repression!

Iran admission of guilt!

While the Iranian government continues to blame the U.S. and Democrat politicians and liberal pundits take sides with the oppressive, war-mongering regime, the world has been awakened to the fact that the Iranian government does not represent its freedom loving people. Their voices have been heard around the world. The truth has been shouted from the rooftops. 

Since the downing of the Ukrainian airliner in which 176 people were murdered soon after departing from Tehran’s airport, the Iranian regime’s story has changed. According to ABC News, it now admits it had inadvertently used its missile system to down the plane, attributing the tragedy to human error. 

Nothing More Than Propaganda

In the past, news sources have shown the Iranians stepping on American flags, chanting “Death to America.” This lead the world to assume the country itself was against democracy and was in line with its pro-Islamic, anti-American rule. It has now become clear these displays were merely propaganda of the Iranian Islamic regime forced onto the Iranian people to spread.

“Our Enemy is Iran, Not America!”

Protesting Iranian students shouted as they display a stark difference to youth in the US.

In the NY Post article, students took pains to avoid the American and Israeli flags painted on the ground in an attempt to force students to trample them. Those who did step and walk on the flags were booed and shamed by the protesting students. Iranians protesting against its oppressive rule has happened in the past, but has taken on new vigor with the brief conflict with the US. Their military’s admission of shooting down the Ukranian airliner with many Iranians aboard simply added to their anger.

Life Before the Ayatollahs

Life in Iran was not always harsh. Its people had, at one time, enjoyed the freedoms enjoyed by western democratically ruled nations. It wasn’t until the advent of Sharia law that the free Iranian women and all citizens became officially oppressed. In 1979, when the Shah was forced into exile, the Ayatollah Khomeini returned and the Islamic Republic of Iran was proclaimed.

This week, Iranian security forces used live ammunition to target protesters who demonstrated against their regime. This is the same repressive government which had denied shooting down the Ukrainian plane carrying civilians. The forces also used tear gas on the crowds of protesters. President Trump, in support of the protesters, warned the Iranian government, “DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS!” After student protests of 1999 in which over a thousand students were arrested, thousands of students protested against the cleric-led regime in 2003. 

The battle for freedom is being waged by the people of Iran on its streets, in its universities and in every town square. President Trump’s actions have saved not only the lives of Americans. It appears, he has also brought the possibility of a new beginning to Iranian protesters who yearn for freedom many of them have never known.

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