Schiff Exposed as Leaker to MSM, a Democrat Lackey

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How MSM is a Tool of the Deep State

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As some have noted, MSM is a tool in the Democrat, deep state tool box. They do the bidding of and are the propaganda arm for all who fight against President Donald Trump. They stoop to the lowest level to reach their target goal of disrupting the peaceful execution of duties of the Office of the President. 

Low and behold, their dastardly deeds are continually exposed!

Classified Information Leaked; Leaker Arrested

A Gateway Pundit article detailed the links between the publishing of articles by several MSM news sources containing classified information leaked to them and the source of the leaks. The timing of the news articles was correlated to a sensitive document sent in response to a request by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). John Szobocsan received a request from Schiff to appear before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The invitation was in reference to his relation to the deceased Peter W. Smith regarding Smith’s attempts to access Hillary Clinton emails. Unexplainably, Smith supposedly committed suicide, a determination which has raised doubts as he reportedly had been attempting to uncover malfeasance within Hillary’s emails. 

Soon after submitting the documents to Schiff, Szobocsan began to receive phone calls from Anthony Cormier, a reporter at the Daily Beast. Associated with those phone calls was the arrest of Natalie Edwards. Her crime was leaking information to a reporter at the very same Daily Beast news source.

This same reporter, Cormier, had published false information regarding President Trump and his supposed request asking Michael Cohen to lie before Congress. This accusation, however, was later refuted.

Rep. Schiff Exposed, but Will He Face Arrest?

Following the Daily Beast report, the Wall Street Journal published articles based on information found only in the classified documents that Szobocsan had given Schiff. Szobocsan deduced the information could only have been obtained through leaks of the classified documents he had given Schiff. When Szobocsan agreed to meet with the journalists, he obtained the information about the WSJ’s Shelby Holliday who admitted she had been in contact with Schiff. Voila! 

The question that remains is: when will Rep. Adam Schiff be prosecuted for his illegal leaking? Attorney William Barr: please take note!

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