MAGA! Private Border Wall Construction Gets Support

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Arizona Republicans Push Bill to Allow Private Construction With No Permit

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In a bid to allow private wall-builders to build segments of a border wall, Legislators are supporting this Bill ( HB 2084 ). We Build the Wall, Inc., a non-profit that has already built segments in California and New Mexico based off of private donations, would be ready to go as it passed. Currently, a District Judge has put a hold on Army Corps of Engineers funding for a segment of wall, though other sites continue to build. The State Bill would presume private permission, and allow private entities to keep construction going in spite of Obama-appointed judge decisions.

“Because … the balance of the equities and public interest weigh in their favor, they are entitled to a permanent injunction against defendants’ use of [military construction] funds for border barrier protection,”

District Judge David Briones

Before the injunction, preparation was underway for 450-500 miles of border wall. The Arizona State Reps like the idea of private wall construction, and wish to make it as easy as possible. Critics claim a wall is unnecessary, as most trespassers turn themselves in for processing and hopeful refugee status, true or no. Of course they don’t talk about alien criminals, who don’t show for later court dates. This is the infamous “Catch and Release” policy that the President wishes to end.

Also missing from liberal concern is the increasing number of anonymous trespassers that elude detection altogether. They may be on drug gang business, terrorism missions, or just a multiple-strike criminal offender, whose name or fingerprints would set off red flags. Some people are in more than one category. They all blend in with the economic migrants from all over the world now, that don’t want to apply and wait for asylum or a work permit. The estimates of those already here range from 11 million to twice that, there is no way to be sure.

Why a Wall Has Many Definitions

A standard wall segment normally is a 30 foot tall series of steel bollards (diamond cross-sectioned, concrete-filled, steel pipes buried in the ground). By themselves they are not enough. They can be climbed with rope ladders, etc. The deterrent is in the other sensors, cameras and so forth that call in a patrol vehicle to the scaling attempts. There is drone coverage as well. They combine to make a more effective barrier than a shorter fence designed only to hamper vehicles, which currently exists in many places.

The specific details of the sensors used are understandably not made public. There are also sections of border where the natural terrain is a formidable barrier due to rock cliffs, rivers, etc. Those places are last on the priority list for a border wall. Anything is better than nothing, but it is going to take another term, preferably with a sympathetic Congress and Judiciary, to make large progress. You can help in November!

Karl Donaldson
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