Prof. John Turley’s Christmas Present to the Republicans: Crushing Democrat’s Impeachment Efforts

The Evisceration of Democrat Articles of Impeachment

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Do you remember when you were a kid and Wiley Coyote set up elaborate traps to catch the Roadrunner, only to be defeated by some outside force? If you think back on it, you will remember that it was never the Roadrunner that defeated Wiley but just happenstance and poor planning. We are seeing the same thing play out in the reply testimony from George Washington Law Professor John Turley.  He is dismantling the plans laid by Reps Nadler and Schiff, and he is doing it by (shocked face) knowing history.

The first point Turley dismantled, which the Dem. Council tried to silence in his initial testimony, was that the definition of bribery used by Schiff and Nadler was a farce.  He clearly pointed out that the founding fathers did not want a broad definition of bribery, much to the contrary, they specifically laid out an example of bribery, which is taking money for doing a specific action. This sounds more like what Joe Biden did with Burisma than it does what President Trump did with the Ukraine.

Next, Turley dismantled the obstruction charge. Once again he looked at the original meaning and what the courts had defined obstruction to mean. Perhaps his most persuasive argument was that Trump had the right to go to court because we have three branches, not two. As he said those words that any third grader who was seen Schoolhouse Rock knows, you could see the smug grins fade off of the faces of the Democrat representatives on the Judiciary Committee. Even Jerry Nadler, who I assume went back to listening to a Cardi B CD instead of the witness, was visibly shaken.

The final nail in the coffin was Turley’s assessment of the impeachment proceedings. While coming across as neutral or even pro-impeachment, Turley told the committee that if they continued to move at this pace they would fail and fail hard.  He noted that impeachment is a structure that must be built from the ground up. Turley stated that impeachment was the biggest structure you could build in politics and, as such, it needed a large foundation to support it. The destruction of the legitimacy of the Democrat case was completed when he pointed out that the “narrow and fast” impeachment did not lay a foundation because it did not point out a crime under the law.

There is little doubt that the impeachment will move on.  Too many lives and livelihoods in Washington are dependent on at least the show of impeachment. Turley’s prophetic words that this will die in the Senate, just show how much of a waste of taxpayer money this farce is. The longer that it goes on, the longer we will see Congress do nothing and allow the nation to stagnate. We have seen President Trump at work at the NATO summit, what are we seeing Congress do but hold impeachment hearings that the experts are telling them are doomed to fail?

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