Conflicted: An Open Letter to Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell

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From a Concerned Citizen

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Dear Senator McConnell,

I apologize for sending this letter in such a public fashion, but because of the severity of the issue, it has become a need of the American people to see documents before they are immersed in the bureaucracy of the Washington DC system. I am writing this as a concerned American citizen, not as a journalist, because I feel that our nation is being greatly divided by the looming cloud of impeachment of President Donald J. Trump within the 365 days before an election.

While I do not dismiss the Democrat Party’s concerns, I do believe that this is a purely political matter over a moot point that is visibly weakening our nation. To recount the situation for those who do not know it:

  1. Donald J. Trump made a call to congratulate the new president of Ukraine over a parliamentary victory;
  2. When the subject turned to matters of state, the president asked Ukraine’s president if he was serious about crushing corruption and mentioned the issue of Joe Biden, whether directly or indirectly;
  3. The DOD held up aid to Ukraine until they figured out whether the new parliament was going to continue the anti-corruption campaign or backslide;
  4. All of these facts are a matter public record.

As the president is the oversight of the Attorney General’s Office and head-of-state to head-of-state discussions should be conducted by heads-of-state, there is little to no reason that the president should not have done this, regardless of the irregularity of the situation. However, as the Democrat Party seems to be hell-bent on impeachment, we must address the issue that affects citizens across the country- the conflict of interest of sitting senators who are running for president.

As you know, in an impeachment hearing the senate stands as the fact-finder in the case: “The Senate Shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And now person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two-thirds of members present.”

Under this clause, the Senate is the jury that convicts impeachment trials. While they are a special jury, they are a jury none-the-less. This means that as the Senate Majority leader, you must address to the American people the question of conflicts of interest in regards to the trial. While it can be assumed that there are minor conflicts of interest to all Senators sitting in Washington now, those who have a direct benefit to the removal of the president are:

  1. Senator Elizabeth Warren;
  2. Senator Amy Klobuchar;
  3. Senator Cory Booker;
  4. Senator Bernie Sanders;
  5. Senator Kamala Harris; and
  6. Senator Michael Bennet.

Each of these individuals have made statements indicating (or stating outright) that they believe the president should be convicted in the impeachment, prior to even hearing evidence presented at the trial. This is not only a violation of their oaths of office, but also a violation of their potential position as jurors on the case.

This matter goes deeper than this. As these people are Senators of the United States, they are each one of two voices in their state for the people and for the state. As such, if you were to require that they recuse themselves from this trial, they would be removing 50% of their state’s oversight in what could be the most influential trial of this young century. This is a true dereliction of duty for a senator.

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As such, though it is a hard choice, each of them should be required to choose whether to step down from their run for the Presidency of the United States or to step down from their position of Senator. They cannot preform both actions and even if they withdraw from running publicly for a time to do the impeachment trial, they will have a very direct conflict of interest as they are still in the race.

Thus, as an American citizen and a person very concerned with the divide that this impeachment proceeding is creating within the United States, I ask that you address this issue by completing three simple steps:

1.) Call out this conflict of interest for what it is and condemn it from the floor of the Senate;
2.) Give the Senators the opportunity to recuse themselves or withdraw from the presidential race;
3.) If some or all of them choose to not take your offer of opportunity, then they must be told to make the choice of stepping down from the race for the presidency or giving up their office as a United State’s Senator.

This is a hard choice, but it is a choice which you are called upon to make as senate majority leader. The founding fathers never imagined the level of corruption where a political opponent would sit on the trial of a lawfully elected president. This falls on you Mr. McConnell, to see that this oligarchy does not become part of the normative “business-as-usual” operations in Washington DC.

If you would like to contact me to discuss this, please reach out to New Right Network. I thank you for your service to this country and hope that you will protect our republic.
Best Regards,

Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer

Christopher W Smithmyer
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