Love Trumps Hate: Standing Strong Against Antisemitism

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Speaking Up

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For some who know me in my present life, I’m a Christian. I got saved when I was eighteen and have been very active in the Christian community since that time. What most people don’t know is that I grew up Jewish, and have experienced antisemitism. I come from a long line of liberals, a Nobel prize winner, Pulitzer prize winners and the father of 3D animation.

We also lost many family members during the war. My father was a conscientious objector and my uncle argued before SCOTUS and won on behalf of conscientious objectors, so I was taught from a young age to just take it. Something must have happened along the way to change me.

When I was 10 years old, some kids who went to the local parochial school were throwing rocks at us and calling us names because we were Jewish. That afternoon, I went to the church to complain. I went to the convent and told the story to the sister who answered the door.

She asked if I had spoken to Father and I told her he wasn’t home from work yet! She had to explain that she meant the parish priest and I went on over to the Rectory. The priest listened to me for a long time in the anteroom. All I know is that no one called us names and threw rocks at us over there anymore. 

Don’t Be Bullied By Antisemitism

I admire the young Jewish Israeli who defended herself against an antisemitic attack on the NYC subway. In the YouTube video posted by Rudy Rochman entitled Jews Attacked on NYC Subway, the young woman noted that her attacker referenced the recent attack on a Jewish run supermarket in Jersey. I admire her for documenting her own attack and seeing that justice was served. I admire Netanyahu for defending his country without shame from those who would destroy it. 

We hear that there is a growth of Antisemitism on the left. Universities that are run by leftists are hotbeds of Antisemitic activity. The pro-Palestinian BDS movement is active on many campuses. In other cases, Jewish students have been singled out for retaliatory action, such as one McGill student government member who was threatened with impeachment for a trip to Israel. Claims to the contrary stating that it was not related to the location of the trip have been shot down by numerous other student government members, noting that she was unfairly singled out. The list is long!

The Media Silence

Until now there has been no sustained media outcry (not a surprise) as the left dominated media leans (surprise) left! President Trump just signed an executive order making Judaism a national identity, thereby offering Jewish students the protections afforded by Title VI.

Title VI prohibits discrimination based on race, color and national origin. President Trump knows how to hit them in the pocket! Universities that receive federal funding will now have to tow the line, put a stop to Antisemitic attacks or lose that funding!

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But down on the local home fronts, members of the Jewish community will need to make a stand to protect themselves as did the two young women above. It’s time for schools, synagogues and individuals to take protective steps. The time to cave to the left’s demands is no more. 

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