An Asian Journalist on 2019’s Bad Asian Journalists: Self Awareness is Key

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Being Asian, particularly Korean, I’ve not been one to do much reading unless needed.  But considering the kind of cultural climate we have seen in the past few years, I have kept my nose to the ground and have picked up hints that makes me feel a certain sense of shame at particular groups of people.  Before I look outward, I do need to look inward to see what has been going on in the culture as a whole but also in specific instances and I have seen a pretty scary trend, bad Asian journalists.

Self-Awareness is Key

I’m not a journalist.  Never claimed to be. Never stated I was.  I’m a culture writer and op-ed. Everything is opinion based but I would like to err on the side of documented facts and evidence versus subjective concepts and anecdotal evidence.  That being said, I will get things wrong. I’m well aware of my limitations and seeing how I am an op-ed writer on the culture both in America as well as the globe, opinions can be strong but they can also be proven wrong and I am open to suggestions.  Not to mention my writing style might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I am well aware of that too.

But make no mistake, I would like to say that I am attempting to keep a certain sense of journalistic integrity and keep a fair and balanced assessment to the topics that I review.  So if something is wrong, it needs to be addressed. If something is correct and is right, it needs to be celebrated. Being a Conservative affords you the option to understand that you are to be kept in check just as much as you want to keep things in check because at the end of the day, you want to preserve that which makes things great, in particular, our home nation and all her ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!  

Yet, when one comes across articles and reports and op-eds that are not just poorly written but exhibit a sense of hubris in the writing as they push forward an agenda and bias rooted in falsehood, it needs to be confronted.  But when it’s one of your own that is pushing said agenda, you feel a sickness in the gut like, “I thought Asians were supposed to be smart and exude excellence.” Then cognitive dissonance sets in and things just get gloomy and you lose a sense of pride in your national heritage in terms of your background.  This is me as I read about Jessica Kwong of Newsweek and Sarah Jeong of the New York Times.

Go Back to Korea Sarah

I’m not sure if Sarah Jeong has her citizenship to the U.S. but if she does not then the New York Times needs to fire her and send her back to Korea where she can learn the roots of what Korea is about.  Quick history, Korea is a nation of struggle. The real underdog when it comes to the big three in terms of China, Korea, and Japan. Koreans always were either annexed to be Chinese or annexed to be Japanese and it wasn’t until the end of World War 2 that Korea had finally taken their own identity as Koreans until the Korean war where it was now a fight to be free Koreans and with the help of the Americans, the stalemate happened keeping Korea divided.  Sarah Jeong was born when the heights of South Korea was blossoming into a cultural super power till she emigrated to the States under the Reagan years. So she should know about excellence, living free, and should have exhibited a certain sense of pride in both her Korean upbringing and American heritage and works in cohesion with it.  

But the curious case of Sarah Jeong is that she abandoned all of her Korean identity and decided to go the way of the Left.  We saw it in her tweets back in 2013-2014 where she literally spewed anti-white racism then apologized only to play the victim.  Nobody bought the apology and people on the Conservative side continued to make videos on how trashy she is. But she was given carte blanche and was hired by the New York Times as a tech writer.  Once word got out about her tweets, the Times quietly pushed her out from full-time writer to “contractor”. Some of her tweets said things like, “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.” 

Another tweet back in December 2014 from her was, “Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins,” The last thing a Korean should do is be this disrespectful to the very race/country that dropped everything, entered a country they did not need to be in, fight for a people against an ideology so wretched it strips the literal fat off of you, then welcome you with open arms into the very country that fought for her freedom to live fat and free.  

Kwong be Gone

Earlier we wanted to take a look at all the media blunders we experienced and in that same blunder report, we were looking at Newsweek’s Thanksgiving Day debacle from author Jessica Kwong.  

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If you don’t already know, Jessica Kwong wrote a piece on Thanksgiving regarding the President.  Her article was framed to exhibit that the President is not doing anything productive and all he does is golf and tweet.  The official timeline is around 8:15 am EST, Newsweek publishes the article and tweets it out and of course to add digital traffic, Kwong also retweets the article.  At roughly 2:47pm EST, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham tweets out that the President is just leaving Afghanistan after a surprise visit to see the troops and expects a retraction and an apology for a poorly written article.  Newsweek pulls the tweet (not before the Internet grabs a screenshot of everything), Kwong pulls her retweets, Newsweek pulls the article, Kwong rewrites her article to include a surprise visit to the troops then issues how a tweet apologizing for her jumping the gun and for not having all the facts before publishing her story then caps it off with “an honest mistake”.

Well, it seems that the backlash was great and the Internet gave Newsweek literal hell, that the higher ups fired Kwong.  I’m not one for celebrating the loss of employment for anyone whether you’re a waiter or a CEO. But when you lack the integrity and the patience to gather all the facts like a journalist should while keeping as much bias out of the equation, and simply publish an article littered with points incoherent to what is factual and framing it in a way that is borderline slanderous towards the President, that is a different kind of bad.  In terms of cultural colloquialism, one can simply say, “Kwong sucks at her job!” and we see it play out as she was in fact fired over the weekend! Cyber Monday hadn’t even happened and she was let go from Newsweek, but like any social justice warrior minority woman, another company will sweep her up in no time and it will be like nothing happened and she will write another moronic Leftist junk piece, it will be published, and no one will read it and she will continue to write until she gets the attention of the Press Secretary.

Why Are Leftist Enabling Crappy Work?

America is all about excellence.  Excellence in everything from the people, jobs, economy, military strength, and most of all in values.  It comes from hard work because nobody is owed anything and if one does good work, it is to be noted and celebrated.  We see the work President Trump is doing and we celebrate his achievements! If there is something questionable that he does, we put it under scrutiny.  But what is it about the Left who marry themselves to subpar mediocrity as exhibited by pop culture?  Both Sarah Jeong and Jessica Kwong are among the plethora of Asian leftists who are clueless about the good things happening, focus on the negatives that are not there, and make spectacles of themselves as they write articles and puff pieces that hold nothing factual.  Much of their stuff is essentially emotional incontinence spewed all over a computer screen! There is nothing of any substance to their writing and a lot of it is nothing short of incorrect data points and contextless subtexts with a clear agenda in mind, hate Trump and/or white people while propping up minorities like they are some kind of pantheon of deities.  

As a minority I can tell you we have our own struggles but they are not stepping stones for mediocrity.  They are stepping stones for excellence and achievement and anyone whether a majority or minority can say, that if they lived in America for any length of time and put in the work, the struggle only pushed them harder.  Because it’s a culture thing, because it’s a language thing, and because there’s far greater days ahead and more to reap because the pie is getting bigger and some of us see that. Sadly, people like Sarah Jeong who continue her racist tirades on Twitter and Jessica Kwong who will continue to write factless trash fail to understand that they are or are contributing to the problems, and not the solutions.  I for one find myself apologetic to say #notallAsians.

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