Sprite Gone Woke and it is Uncomfortable

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Another Company Ipales Itself on the Tree of PC Appeasement

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When we find things in the culture, we like to take note of trends and project what could happen. With the desire to be fair and balanced in the media, we need to call out things when they happen. Whether it’s something questionable the Right does or whether it’s something the Left does well, by all means discuss it.  If ever there is anything the Left does well, we do need to uphold journalistic integrity and ensure we are reporting on it with a balanced perspective.  

That being said, when something extremely dumb happens and has happened before, we can simply project what will occur in the future.  Not because we have the gift of prophetic visions or we are soothsayers or anything, but because statistical analyses and data have backed up projections. So when a company decides to get woke, we know the inevitable conclusion of such a trendy and lofty move is that they will invariably go broke.  It happened with men’s facial care company Gillette. It’s happening with Hollywood with woke movies literally dying before they even had a chance to breathe. The box office numbers like Terminator: Dark Fate, the new Charlie’s Angels reboot, Oceans 8, Ghostbusters 2016, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and a plethora of others fail hard.  It’s happening with TV as the new Batwoman series on CW is literally facing cancellation talks.  It’s occurred with Nike, when they went woke and lost a substantial amount of money and now we see Sprite decided to join the woke cause.

Orgullo de lima limón?

If you know anything about drinks, you know that the public favorite is Dr. Pepper (this is unverified and alleged). However, people like to dabble and people like to experiment, so they go with Pepsi.  There is Coca-Cola’s main brand, and all the iterations of Coke like Diet, Zero, Cherry, Vanilla, and now even Cinnamon (yes, cinnamon!). In that line, there are the clear fizzy sugary drinks as well such as 7up and Sprite. 

Usually, Sprite has been seen as the favorite of athletes. This is according to commercials, would they lie? Past favorites like Michael Jordan or Scotty Pippin of the Chicago Bulls, and Isaiah Thomas formerly of the Detroit Pistons. Nowadays, it’s the drink of choice for many alternatively famous folks found in social media fronts, or the gaming tournament championships.

One would think that it was the drink of choice for the normal folks, too. Instead, Sprite decided to join the PC culture and make a commercial showing everyone how woke they are by allying themselves with the Alphabet Mafia. Observe their recently released commercial in support of Argentina’s Gay Pride parade day and pray you recover.  Did they even do marketing research?

So what does a clear lemon-lime flavored, carbonated drink have to do with gay pride, trans pride, or whatever pride the Alphabet people want to push on the masses?  Again, we don’t know, but much like the argument about not pushing one’s religion down other’s throats one can make about sexual orientations. It seems like Sprite wants to lessen the discomfort of such propaganda with more fizz and a tinge of lemon-lime sugary goodness. Like the old Mary Poppins tune, a spoonful (or more in this case) of sugar helps the medicine (of PC behavior) go down!

How does this sell Sprite though?

Judging by the commercial, there is nothing comfortable about watching it.  No matter how clearly the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” plays with a benign statement about not being judged about who you love because “you’re not alone”. Plainly given is the overarching message about being gay and in love with another gay being OK. It’s just uncomfortable to watch and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, literally!

Now one would think that advertising is simply about letting people know about a certain product. That is what commercials are for, making the masses aware of a product. Through clear-cut and pretty savvy cutting room editing, the message of the need to buy the product is made to hit hard and fast. This commercial and others as of late are all lackluster, leaning heavily to a woke message nobody really cares for. The sad thing is, marketing “geniuses” are not getting it and it’s costing companies huge sums of money. Shareholders can’t exactly be thrilled about the sales numbers they are NOT getting.

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What to Expect Moving Forward for Sprite…

The projection?  Sprite is going to lose a lot of money because of how propagandistic this commercial is.  Shares will go down, Sprite will make more commercials backtracking, to re-gain their base. Coca-Cola company will keep Sprite back for a time while focusing on a rebranding effort. All in all, Sprite will likely go broke.  It will happen.

They may not go under as some of these companies have, but the implosion has already started, and we can only hope Sprite will recover. People are not liking this, even if it is just a commercial celebrating Homosexual Pride in Argentina (of course just in time for their Pride parades).  Obviously there are supporters, namely the Gay Mafia and the Gay Lobby like Out Magazine. They wrote a “riveting” review that left the writer “in tears”.

Basically, Sprite got woke, now expect them to go broke. It is because, and let’s be honest, SJW-types never support anyone who undertakes a woke business model.  Most homosexuals probably don’t drink Sprite anyway. We’ll see how the stocks and the quarterly projections turn out for Sprite. Anyone with Coca-Cola (Sprite’s owners) stock should be concerned.

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