Cancel Culture Woke Junkies Strike Again

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Digging for SJW Outrage

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The pervasive reality we are facing today is that internet Leftist incels are continually digging through the archives. They are bringing up tweets, status updates, videos, IG posts, and Youtube videos for targeting people regarding things that have been said and/or done.  Regardless of whether or not the action was/is benign or is offensive by today’s ever-changing standard is irrelevant. If it offended some snowflake today and now, the demand for apology is presented.

Canceled Beauty Guru

The beautiful thing about Youtube is that anyone who can present a niche content can find themselves with a very lucrative presence.  It does not matter whether you cut up video game cut-scenes and turn it into a movie, filmed yourself eating copious amounts of greasy, fast-food garbage, make a political commentary channel, or even a makeup and beauty tutorials channel. All are fair game to post and get monetized for.  It comes with its own community but with that, a fair amount of drama.  

One of the dramas was the cancellation of one make-up guru named Laura Lee.  How? Someone dug up a tweet of hers that’s 6 and a half years old about the stereotype of the low hanging jeans and the police.  Tasteless? Sure. Should she have posted it? It was in her right! Not if you don’t want that backlash to come back at you apparently. If SJW’s get irate, you now lose subscribers, sponsorships, brand deals, and popularity over it. People celebrated her social media demise to where now she has rebranded herself amidst the loss of hundreds of followers. 

In the midst of such celebration, another noted make-up guru, Jeffree Star was found on his SnapChat, laughing hysterically and jumping for joy at the downfall of Laura Lee.  A word to the wise, the timer has started the moment that snap was posted. Someone somewhere has started the digging and hopefully Star’s closest is cleaner than Heaven. Lest someone finds something, anything that will, in turn, be the downfall of Jeffree Star as well.

Woke Folks Aiming at Gwen Stefani

The Woke Cancel Culture is definitely an animal that needs to be put down soon. Otherwise it will become too great a monster that will poison our very lives.  The woke crowd has started pointing their guns at former No Doubt lead singer gone solo, Gwen Stefani.  Remember in the 2000s how the emo pop band No Doubt was teetering on whether to continue as a unit or go their separate ways?

During that time, band front-girl Gwen Stefani told us not to speak unless we knew what we were saying. She then experimented with her own style. Eventually we got a record that was the basis for pop radio music we knew today.  Enter “Harajuku Girls”, Stefani’s solo offering back in 2004. There are also nostalgic gems such as “Hollaback Girl” which taught the budding millennials back then how to spell “bananas”. 

Notably, the flack Stefani is getting is for her song “Harajuku Girls,” which in the music video and live performances of her song included Japanese and Japanese-American backline dancers. The woke bunch are calling this “cultural appropriation,” which is typical of such folks to say that.  Now, if you don’t know what a “Harajuku Girl” is, here is a basic high-level overview: Harajuku is a section of Tokyo dedicated to a collage of Japanese cosplay-stylized clothing.

The girls in the Harajuku district wear extreme amounts of makeup and trod around the streets of Harajuku in these Japanese sub-styles. For example there is Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Cosplay, Decora, Gyaru, cutesy Fairy Kei, and punk-rock clothing . Traditional Japanese garments like kimonos and wooden sandals have been infused into the style since the beginning.  It is known for the individualistic expression of that area and it is where Stefani garnered inspiration from.  

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Quite benign and harmless to bring on girls, putting them in these types of clothing to serve as backline dancers for Stefani, right?  NOPE! Woke folks are demanding her to apologize for “cultural appropriation”. Stefani thus far is not backing down, in fact, she is doubling down.  She said, “I get a little defensive when people call it cultural appropriation, because if we didn’t allow each other to share our cultures, what would we be?”

Continuing, she added, “You take pride in your culture and have traditions, and then you share them for new things to be created.” A bold move on Stefani’s part, but will it last? Will she cave, or will she be one of the ones who can help lead the charge against “woke cancel culture”?  Only time will tell, but we can only hope she’ll be one of the ones who has had enough of it just like the rest of us.

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