BLEXIT: The Movement Up Close and Personal

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The Black Exit From the Democrat Party

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BLEXIT is probably the best celebration of American excellence we’ve seen thus far from a sub-racial group that was shrugged off by the culture, other than athletics and hip-hop. Black Americans have sort of been the underdogs in society, but when given the chance to rise up, they take up the challenge. They are being spurred forward with the notion that someone believes in them and are asked the question, “Black America, what do you have to lose?” 

By: John Lee/NRN

These words echoed as then presidential candidate Trump asked that pointed question. Candace Owens heard the call and began a movement that has garnered media attention from the likes of VICE News and CNN, who painted such black Americans as “coons” and “Uncle Toms.” The movement is pressing forward with strength and vigor, and come 2020, it’s likely there will be a black vote that propels the “Black Exit” from the Democratic party to usher in another four years of Donald Trump.

A Little Context

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last three to four years, you may not be aware of this underground movement. Before we get into the meat of things, let’s start in 2016, when Facebook caught wind of a persona known as “Red Pill Black.”  A smart, spunky, beautiful black American woman mocked the Democrats and spouted off talking points that angered many Leftists. They didn’t say much of anything in the comment section other than, “you’re a white supremacist!”  

It doesn’t matter what color of skin you have, if you live in America and call this country your home, it is your duty to stand tall and stand proud when Old Glory waves.

We come to find that this black woman is none other than Candace Owens. Her videos were low key, recorded on an iPhone, and edited on iMovie. They were simple, straight forward shots at Democrats and support for Trump during his campaign. As she continued her unrivaled support for Trump, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk caught wind and asked her to be its communications director and the director of urban engagement. Black people appreciate and will listen to other black people.

Owens took on the nature of these in-group preferences in stride. With her involved, TPUSA garnered more attention from new fans and more hate from the Left. College students “too educated to be considered intelligent” began spouting ridiculous things, calling Kirk a “xenophobic racist,” as he sat next to a black woman on stage. These same “dumb smart kids” shouted at Owens for being a “white supremacist,” which is strange, as she’s a black woman. Welcome to college America folks, where you’re so educated you become useless.

Owens decided that black America needed to get out of the Democrat party. For far too long, blacks have been the brunt of American society and the DNC has done nothing to help except dole out cash or free stuff to secure votes. It’s what Lyndon B. Johnson did, as well as other Democrats of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Owens saw this and issued a clarion call to black America to exit the Democrat party en masse and called it BLEXIT, the Black Exit.  

Through it all, they hold rallies all over the United States, inviting black people to attend and see what success, love, happiness, fun, and ultimately, what unity and American excellence look like. Social media are all a buzz with how these black Americans fully support President Trump, and are giving Trump-haters and the DNC the proverbial middle finger. BLEXIT continues to unify black people to be successful because they can and they are able.

David J Harris Jr.

By: John Lee/NRN

The first speaker of the night started off with none other than David Harris Jr. The man was a firebomb of faith and calling. His entire segment was calling out black people to be more than what the media is selling. He explained the idea that the media was creating a false narrative of division and that it was more than just people of different races fighting, but a spiritual battle. It will come to a convergence, not between white or black, but between good and evil. 

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The notion is that that blacks have been sold a bill of goods, and because of that, millions of black babies have been aborted. This is nothing short of horrifying that we could have more black babies and more black people succeeding in the nation, and this was something Harris was talking about.

He thanked God for Kanye’s awakening in getting black people to get back to the roots of who they are as black people: God fearing, hard working, goal chasing, goal digging, passionate, celebratory people who knew how to work and get the job done. Harris literally prayed over the night and asked God to awaken vision, songs, scripts, books, artwork, policies, and other culturally relevant aspects that could be representative of the future of the nation and it was found within the Buckhead Theater.

Terrence K. Williams

You know him as the comedian who would watch a Democrat implode and then roar in uncontrollable laughter, followed by a tongue-in-cheek diatribe about the stupidity of their statement. Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Don Lemon, and “The View” hostesses have all been on the receiving end of Williams’s statements and videos. His talk was about never underestimating the power of what you can do as an American. 

By: John Lee/NRN

Williams also spoke about his faith, and the fact that according to the Leftist narrative, Williams should’ve been a hoodrat selling drugs because he was one of nine kids in foster care. But because he had choices, he decided to be better. That was the call from this internet comedian. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. As a black American, you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it. With a large smile and the roar of applause, he called on the room to do what they wanted to do and work hard at it because if Terrence Williams was able to go from foster house to the White House, anyone can.


The next speaker was the man himself, the Conservative Thug. Tatted out, wearing a MAGA cap, with that demeanor of a gangsta but radiating a sheer sense of love and excitement, KingFace spoke again about not listening to the narrative of what you can’t do as a black American. Being a Republican is about what you can do, while being a Democrat means you’re just stupid. Yes, those were his words.

By: John Lee/NRN

Some highlights from him were him telling white people in the room not to be afraid of being called a “racist.” If that means voting for people who are helping the black community as the numbers show, then be that kind of racist. KingFace also did an amazing job unifying the room even more by ragging on the Left, which was out of this world hilarious.

There was not a still seat as he quoted the Bill of Rights, stating that a person’s right is endowed by their Creator certain inalienable rights and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All these are the words of a preacher.

As a recent converter to following Jesus, he also recognized his roots as someone who shouldn’t even be alive. In taking inventory of his own self, he recognized that he was his own problem, and that no one owes him or us anything. We are in charge and if we do what we want, we can be anything and do anything we want to do. If a thug with face tatts and an 8th-grade reading level can come to the White House and be recognized by the president, then the black Americans represented in that theater can also do what they want. Truly an empowering message of facts with a thug-element that spoke to many in the room.

Bishop W. Jackson

There was a preacher there who brought down the fire. The room’s demographics were generally people of the Christian faith and from all walks of races. There were whites, blacks, Asians, and Latinos who appreciated the message of BLEXIT.  Bishop Jackson did more than recognize the abilities of black people, he also held and delivered a tantalizing message regarding being a patriot. It doesn’t matter what color of skin you have, if you live in America and call this country your home, it is your duty to stand tall and stand proud when Old Glory waves. 

By: John Lee/NRN

The respect he has for what the Constitution represents drips from every inflection this man gave to the audience. It stirred people to go to Hillsdale College’s website for a free course on the Constitution. There was not a still seat as he quoted the Bill of Rights, stating that a person’s right is endowed by their Creator certain inalienable rights and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All these are the words of a preacher.

Jackson also made it clear that pastors not speaking up about abortion was dastardly and these same churches allow DNC candidates to speak is truly satanic based on what the DNC stands for. As a native of Virginia, he also noted that Northam wouldn’t acknowledge Jackson, who ran for Lt. Governor. And that Northam also pushed for infanticide. Again, words from a preacher.

Maj Toure

The next on stage was the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, who took a slightly different approach to the night and opened his talk up for a brief but poignant Q & A.  The underlying notion of his talk was arming the audience with the means of being able to dialogue with anyone, especially those who do not agree. If someone can approach the conversation with empathy and have an understanding on their position, all that’s needed is to insert facts in a non-adversarial way. The empathy already accomplished, you can then give a solution that may open minds and cause people to at least meet halfway.  

By: John Lee/NRN

One example of this is when an NRA member asked about the accidents of children with guns. Toure believes that there are no accidents, but that there is negligence. He dropped a knowledge bomb that toddlers and infants in firearm accidents tend to be aimed at the face. This is because their hands are too small to fire it the correct way, and the babies’ position of the gun and the trigger would be the prime area for their thumbs, causing the gun to fire in their faces. Gruesome, yes. The solution is after due process, putting the negligent gun owner in jail, in full.  

The essence of Toure’s talk is about not forgetting that we have rights. These rights are endowed by our Creator, which the government cannot take or create, only recognize, and no other nation on earth has this. So know your facts, speak with empathy, and bring solutions. This was met with raucous applause.

Brandon Tatum

Former police officer in Tucson, Arizona, Brandon Tatum was next in line to speak. He spoke on his roots and where he came from, he touted his faith in God and spoke about his first and last experience with drugs. He hinted at the notion that black Americans are missing fathers in the home, and that it needs to change. This was met with roaring approval from all over the theater.

By: John Lee/NRN

He continued on, speaking about how he was set on the right course of life not only because of his earthly father, but also his Heavenly Father. It is important to understand the facts of the issues. Rather than being impassioned with emotion because a black man faced an injustice, Tatum pointed to two misinformed cases, those being the Central Park Five and Rodney Reed.

What was most eye-opening was the Rodney Reed case, where Reed might not have been the culprit of the rape/homocide he’s received the death penalty for, but there were three others raped, all his victims, and one of them was a 12-year-old girl. Of course that’s not spoken of by the media.

So while yes, free him from a faulty death sentence, I would say throw him in jail for the three proven rape victims at his hands. Tatum told us to research and do our due justice to know the facts and get all the data before making a decision, because an informed people is a people the media industrial complex cannot deceive.

Candace Owens

The final speaker of the night was BLEXIT founder herself, Candace Farmer, who came on and let us know her roots as Red Pill Black. Of course not before having us recognize that her roots were also founded in faith. Her grandfather was the one who started her on her journey, and it was the faith of her grandparents that gave her the foundation to move forward in life. 

By: John Lee/NRN

She admits she took a liberal turn out of rebellion. However, through it, she found herself coming back to the roots of her grandparents, which was back to faith, back to working hard, back to victor mentality, and back to the ideas of family, faith, and freedom. It’s about freedom to be, think, say, and do whatever. She ended her talk with her wedding video. When it ended, there wasn’t a dry eye in the theater. Her grandfather was also there in support of his granddaughter.

The main message for us was to think freely, think for yourself, and be a people who can do the legwork to get the facts down to truly know why you believe what you believe. “Why” is the biggest question we can ask. If we as a people can answer that, no media industrial complex can sway us or pose a threat.

This is why the Left would call Farmer a “White supremacist,” or a “self hating black,” or a “coon.” This is all they have and it shows. It shows they lost the argument when it resorted to ad hominem attacks of no substance. This was Candace’s call, to be informed and passionate about it, but know why you are passionate about it. Then you can be unstoppable with it.

Final Thoughts on BLEXIT

The BLEXIT Rally was beyond comprehension. There were more black people there than most, but that’s what it was supposed to be: a clarion call for black Americans to wake up and start thinking for themselves. Stop letting politicians, Hollywood actors, hip hop artists, and media figures dictate what you think. Do your own research to come to the conclusions that lead to right living for you and for others. 

There was a sense of family in that theater. It was a beautiful union of what Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is about. People celebrated the content of character more than the amount of melanin in the skin. All over were people unified by ideas and values and people who espoused the notions that it is your right to say what you want, believe what you want, and write what you want. You also have the right to a gun to defend the previous things. 

It was a night filled with faith. Many of the speakers’ Christian beliefs gave them the capability to are stand where they are. KingFace just gave his life to Christ, much to the disbelief and joyous outburst of all the single black ladies. It was a rally that symbolized what America was about. Strangers becoming neighbors and ultimately becoming family, based out of ideas and values set forth by our Constitution. The tapestry of people coming together weave out the American experiment, who all stood together and became empowered as a racial group. More than just blacks or whites or Asians or Latinos, they were empowered to be American.

Don’t count out the black vote. If the main room at the Buckhead Theater is a microcosm of what is going on in each urban center, 2020 with Trump is in the bag. The dialogue is changing. BLEXIT is bringing about a change in the atmosphere both culturally and politically, and if it is as fun as it was tonight, then buckle up and prepare to join the charge. Black America is coming and there isn’t anything the Left can do to stop them.

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