Hong Kong: Hey USA, Don’t Trust NBA, NBA is A**hole!

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In the Beginning

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Remember when freedom mattered?  Remember when Constitutional rights became the bedrock of what makes America the land of freedom and unimaginable opportunities?  Remember when we, as civilians had acknowleged rights from something higher than Government? It was Government that was supposed to recognize and defend those rights, not define those rights.

They enforced them and some new “rights” they created. Created by encroaching on subjectively-passed legislative points that almost nobody knows but those benefitting.  Remember when we simply understood those freedoms as the basis of the American way of Life? Yeah. Hong Kong has none of that now, it seems that American companies are simply kowtowing to the authoritarian regime of Beijing because, the Benjamins yo!

China: Who they are now

We all know China is a Communist dictatorship.  Yes, they saw the benefits of a Capitalist system and allowed McDonalds to set up and sell their stuff.  Yes, they allowed Coca-Cola to come in and quench the thirst of every single Chinese person with their drinks. Sure Beijing now allows American companies like Google, Facebook, and the NBA to exist there.

Provided that they capitulate to the demands of the Communist government. The Chinese already have their own taboos that the Government is attempting to erase from history. So in China, these taboos don’t pop up in Google searches made from Chinese IP addresses.  If you don’t know what those taboos are, here you go…

The Three Chinese Taboo T’s

First up is Tiananmen Square, freedom protest and site of the infamous massacre. It was in 1989 where a lone student stood in the middle of a parade of tanks, obscurring their path.  Ultimately, the People’s Liberation Army “officially” killed 10,000 people there. 

Then came Tibet, the second T in the Communist Chinese taboo.  Being the Government human rights violation they are, the Communist ideology hates religion.  The biggest blot here is their invasion of Tibet. Tibet is the central hub of Buddhism in China and possibly the world. It is where the Dalai Llama originated from. The region itself is up near the Himalayas and it is a beautiful mountainous region filled with a unique culture.  It is worth checking out some of these links to get a glimpse of the Tibetan culture regarding food, and locales.  Beijing came and basically annexed Tibet in 1950. It continues to make attempts at wiping out the Buddhism of this region.

Forget the fact that they frequently imprison and torture Christians, they have also supressed the growth of the Uyghurs.  Uyghurs are basically Chinese Muslims. Reports indicate that the Uyghurs have faced near genocide but are also constantly put in “re-education camps”. These places are basically concentration camps.  They are fed pork and discouraged from expressing any religious impulse. No Korans are allowed there.

Finally there is Taiwan, the island officially “not-a-nation” but a nation that is basically the Chinese red-headed step child. It is treated worse than Cinderella.  While they act independently from China in terms of leadership and currency, even food and culture, China again works diligently to annex them and they fight it vehemently. The conflict continues, mostly economically, but even militarily at times. All the drama started after the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949, just after World War 2.

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Hush on Hong Kong

But now it seems that Hong Kong is being added to the mix of taboos. American companies are capitulating to the dictatorship of Communist China.  Recently, the NBA’s Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for Hong Kong. Then the Chinese government got involved.

The NBA pulled the plug and stopped the Rockets from their scheduled pre-season games in Shanghai.  You can read another report about it here.  Let’s not forget that Google continually caters to Beijing’s demands and even goes so far to remove anything about Hong Kong or any other “Government sensitive” information from search engines that originate from Chinese IP addresses.  Sundar Pichai almost allowed China to co-partner with Google to create a Communist regime-friendly, censored search engine called Project Dragonfly.

After receiving heat from the Senate Judiciary Committee, it was apparently scrapped.  Facebook and Twitter also played the pro-Communist capitulation game. They censored Chinese “offending” content from their networks in China. Again, heat from the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee regarding Big Tech Censorship quelled it all, for now.  

Liberal “Woke” Companies Stand With China

Continuing riots have evolved from sit-ins of Hong Kong citizens regarding the extradition bill set up by Beijing. The now very life-threatening and very violent riots are going on between citizens and the Government. Things have gone from bad to worse, but mum’s the word when it comes to the NBA.  The failing “woke” sports teams remember pulled out of Charlotte for the All-Star game because of North Carolina’s transgender bathroom bill.

James Harden of the Rockets claims he “loves everything” about China.  Everything that they’re about?  Everything? Surely not the authoritarian Government stamping on the very real rights of the citizens of Hong Kong, James?  Surely not the Communism China has had for the last few decades that has resulted in the countless torturing and murder of innocent civilians.

1989’s Tiananmen Square massacre should be enough for you to say, “Heck no, China is a**hole!”. Disney refused to film in Georgia due to the pro-life bill governor Brian Kemp passed, but they decided to work on a 5.4 billion resort built in Shanghai.  Let that sink in. And yet, are we seriously going to ignore the hundreds of human rights violations China has done?

Let’s fathom the sheer atrocity the Alphabet people (Google’s parent company) would be condoning in Communist China. Yet somehow America is transphobic because a biological male cannot use the women’s bathroom regardless of what he identifies as.  China does not follow the US liberal litany of special rights. In China, they’ll play the game of “Shoot the Trannie!” and eat Szechuan hotpot while doing it!

NBA: Being Woke Makes You a Coward

Ultimately, the freedoms afforded in America pales in comparison to the conditions of basic human rights not afforded in China. That sadly includes Hong Kong, as they were handed over from Great Britain in the late 1990s. The people of Hong Kong are seen brandishing Old Glory and singing Christian hymns, as well as The Star Spangled Banner. They do this as acts of defiance to their tyrannical Government.

The people of Hong Kong want desperately to what we have here in the States.  They cry for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, and a gun to defend those rights. They hold signs saying, “We Need the 2nd Amendment!”. Meanwhile in America, organizations like Moms Demand Action and left-wing politicians are fighting to remove guns from law-abiding citizens, just like how China did it!

In the States, you have 3rd-rate athletes kneeling during the U.S. National Anthem, while Hong Kong folks are getting shot for singing it. A dumb jock gets a multi-million dollar endorsement deal from the very company that has Chinese kids working in sweatshop factories IN CHINA!  He talks about sacrificing everything for something to believe in, even when the belief is rooted in a lie, cooked up by black pseudo-intellectuals.

Yes, we’re talking to YOU, Michael Eric Dyson, you crackpot! The fools that walk around with the flags embroidered with the hammer and sickle while they burn Old Glory should be so lucky. Do that to the Chinese national flag and see what happens. It is obvious that the NBA, Facebook, Disney, Google, any company that wants profits while throwing freedom fighters under the bus, makes them all cowards.

Appeasement leads to being dominated. Today’s large Corporations exist soley to earn a profit for the shareholders, no National loyalties exist. This is where being woke for money gets you, bending the knee to the real masters, the Communist Chinese government. While the people of Hong Kong fight and riot for American freedoms to be a reality in their lives!

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