Funny! Leftist Organizations and Why We Should Laugh at Them

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Black Lives Matter. The ACLU. Justice Democrats. The Root. Media Matters. Vox. CNN. MSNBC. The ADL. The Democratic National Committee. These are some of the many Leftist organizations in the United States and these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

If there is one thing in common with every single Leftist organization, it is this: They deserve nothing short of mockery and laughter. One such organization is The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which deserves all the mockery, ridicule, disparaging remarks, embarrassment, and rhetorical cruelty that can be mustered. Why? Read on..

What is the Anti Defamation League?

If you were to look them up on Google, Wikipedia describes them as “an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the United States.” The ADL states that its mission is to ‘[fight] anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, [defend] democratic ideals, and [defend] civil rights for all.’ They are supposed to be doing so through ‘information, education, legislation, and advocacy.’ Now on the surface, that seems noble.

Fighting anti-Semitism sounds reasonable. From a linguistic standpoint, a “Semite” is anyone of Arabic or Middle-Eastern descent. It is not necessarily relegated to Jewish people, but more often than not seems to be the case. Semantics? Sure, but fighting all forms of bigotry is to be valued. Defending democratic ideals such as fair and equal representation is laudable.

Who wouldn’t be all for that? MLK would be proud of this organization’s mission, to be sure. Defending civil rights for all? Absolutely! ‘For all‘ are the two key words here. Education is fundamental, learning about such concepts is definitely crucial for the growth and prosperity of a civil and progressive society. Legislative action though?

Let’s be sure we can be educated about every nuanced issue before we decide to legislate anything. Advocacy? Again, it depends on what is being advocated for. This group specifically wants to fight anti-Semitism of all kinds, but in reality mostly Jewish, because it is a Jewish non-governmental group. To be fair, advocacy for all is more virtuous. Considering advocacy for only some would be bigoted. The ADL claims that it champions the cause of fighting bigotry, period!

So Why Should We Care?

If one were to read everything at face value, it would be a noble organization. Underneath the smoke and mirrors however, is simply another Leftist organization. It is designed to target perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints that they don’t like. Lefty organizations started popping up recently more than ever. Since the last gasp of the Obama administration, when President Trump announced his run as a Presidential Candidate back in 2015, many more have appeared.

We started seeing Black Lives Matter form to dictate the race narrative and promote racism.. namely against white people. Feminist organizations that hate hetero-normativity began their own sexist tirades against straight white men. This only succeeded in showing both their own form of sexism as well as their own racism. Then the ADL decided that any critique of the Jewish ideological perspective is to be fought and denounced as “anti-Semitism.”

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The ADL extended themselves to also denouncing people who criticize Islam. Then they began adding to their activities list the fight against “white supremacy.” Among other things, they simply parroted the ramblings of other numerous groups of self-styled virtue signalers. The problem is that these Leftist organizations also became the authoritative sources that many news outlets seem to use.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC, have now all decided that the ADL, The Root, or BLM are authoritative, and thus quoted in news reports and are on news panels after talk shows, day in and day out. Most of the general public will not fact-check anything, or if so, rely on dubious sources. Politico, Snopes, and other “fact checking” sites also add their own legitimacy, meaning they claim to be legit when they really aren’t.

When investigating “fact-checkers,” you will be disappointed more often than not. They do sometimes call out the ridiculous, like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) when she says things like: “the economy is great because everyone is working two jobs,” or some other gaffe. Sometimes a broken clock is right twice a day.

So Why Should We Laugh at Them?

The ADL has decided that the “okay” hand gesture is stated to be a “white supremacist” symbol. They have confirmed it. They placed this gesture in an illustration in their “hate symbol database.” This is no lie! You are probably sitting there going, “Stop it, a hate-symbol database? You are trolling us for sure! Stop it! Get help NRN. A hate symbol database?”

Meaning, this particular organization has literally catalogued a variety of symbols they deemed as “hate symbols” for the general public to view this in database form. For your comedic pleasure, we give you the Anti-Defamation League’s Hate Symbol Database. Some of our favorite “hate symbols” include the ‘100%‘, the ‘511‘ (which is in some states a roadside help hotline, but you know.. ADL.) Other favorites include the ‘bowl-cut‘ as a symbol for white supremacy (Is Moe Stooge now hated? He was Jewish btw) and the “okay” hand gesture. 

Please enjoy this treasure trove of clownishness from a Leftist organization. Let it be known that these are the same people that are teaming up with YouTube as an authoritative source on identifying hateful conduct on the platform. They will be the ones who will “investigate” and work to “clean up” the platform from “hateful” conduct.  With the addition of the “okay” hand gesture being added to the ADL Hate Symbol Database (we know, the laughter is uncontainable!), I’m sure people are feeling safer from offense.

It appears that CNN has officially reported this to the masses. Sarah Snider must have been given this assignment while she was sitting at her desk, bored out of her mind. To write this piece on CNN’s official site about the “okay” hand gesture as a white-power symbol, as documented by the ADL, must seem ludicrous. Yes dear reader, CNN reported on this! Are your sides hurting from all the laughter yet?

We Have Officially Crossed into Clown World

Be it the ADL for actually having this “database” exist, or CNN reporting on it, they are officially signs that we are living in ‘clown world.’ We have, in the current year, seemingly sunk to a new form of intellectual incontinence. The Lefties are scraping the bottom of the barrel in accepting this for no reason other than the ADL makes it up. Our friend, The Amazing Lucas on YouTube, also expressed his irony about the ADL, and we definitely agree with him on his expression regarding this apparent stupidity. Here is his take.

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