When Your Halloween Costume is So Good, First Responders Actually Think You’re Dead

The Boogie Man

Halloween is a time for ghouls and goblins and everything frightful – just be careful that you’re not too frightful, or first responders may actually think you’re dead. This actually happened to Sidney Wolfe, 20, who was dressed as Stephen King’s “Carrie” when she hit a deer while driving home in the wee hours of the morning in South Point, Ohio.

Twitter/NY Post

“It was so fast and instant. I had no time to react,” Wolfe told NBC News on Thursday. “The deer was midair when it flew into my car. I was going 55 mph on the interstate.”

Sidney Wolfe

Upon striking the deer, she alerted the 911 dispatcher that she was dressed in costume, which consisted of a white prom dress and fake blood covering her face. It turns out the message was never relayed to first responders and when they arrived, they saw what they thought was a victim covered in blood. It turns out Wolfe’s costume was so well done that some of the first responders actually thought she had died in the accident. 

In a now-viral tweet, Wolfe went on to make lite of the accident letting everyone know just how her weekend went!


It’s safe to say that Sidney Wolfe wins this years Halloween costume contest!

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