Incredible! Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Tells NRN “Justice is Coming” to Big Tech

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Vorhies Meets With NRN One Day After Epic Google Document Dump

Zach Vorhies joined NRN for an interview one day after the epic reveal of his identity and release of his “Google Document Dump” by Project Veritas. In June, Vorhies left his $260,000 annual salaried Google position as former Senior Software Engineer to get the truth out to the public. Vorhies resigned after reading alarming Google internal documents and witnessing “the wave of censorship that shook YouTube to its core” in early June, which included Steven Crowder. Zach Vorhies wanted the world to know what they suspected about Google is, in fact, true. Vorhies told NRN: I did this project dump so “conspiracy theory could turn into conspiracy fact,”

Vorhies originally revealed his story to Project Veritas approximately a month ago and that video, with himself disguised in video and audio, was released on July 24, 2019. On Wednesday, Project Veritas released a second video with Vorhies called “Google ‘Machine Learning Fairness’ Whistleblower Goes Public, says: ‘burden lifted off of my soul’.”

“I’ve been living with this burden for three years, since 2016 when [Google] started changing everything. To have that burden lifted off of my soul…I’ve never felt happier,” Zach Vorhies told James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

Vorhies told Kate Buckley of NRN Google lists Hillary Clinton causing the 2012 Benghazi attack as fake news. Google gives the appearance that their search queries reflect the public consensus of searches. In fact, these are manufactured by Google and third parties to manipulate elections by design.

Zach Vorhies Targeted By SWAT Team

On Wednesday, August 14th, after he turned in document and laptop evidence into the Department of Justice’s Anti-Trust division, Zach Vorhies was surrounded by law enforcement; FBI, local police (including a sniper team, a bomb squad, and dogs) were involved. Google wanted the over 900 pages of documents and laptop Vorhies had with him so they could scrub it. The evidence proves that Google uses algorithms deep in it’s systems to maintain a political bias.

After a tense few hours, Vorhies came out with raised hands and explained the real situation the best he could. The dogs searched the building exterior along with bomb-seeking robots. While Vorhies was not arrested, he was detained over the tense four hours of the incident.

After the surprise swatting, he quickly left San Francisco for Washington, DC to meet with Sara Carter. Then came the release of his second Project Veritas video and the reveal of his massive Google document dump to the public. He told NRN that this is his effort to “dox” Google: “Google is doxing all of us. I think it was about time that a patriot dox Google.”

Tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have long been accused of political bias. They have consistently denied those charges, even under oath to Congress. This information sounds like only the beginning of more congressional investigations and actions towards those that like to claim they are neutral providers of information and services.

Karl Donaldson

Karl Donaldson

Karl Donaldson is an editor and writer for NRN. Partial to his two cats, he lives in New Hampshire with his wife and a veritable menagerie of his wife's creatures.

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  1. Dr Epstein was huge at the Senate hearings! It is detectable by Dr Epstein’s research on the topic. States the search query can influence upto 15 Millon votes!

    • I am so happy and enlightened with information like this. The truth has to get out and courageous people like Vorheis is detrimental to the awakening of people who know something is wrong but can’t pinpoint it or afraid to say it.

  2. Is anyone going to be arrested at google that made a false police report? I’m also concerned (live in Crapafornia) the amount of resources San Francisco used to do a wellness check. Is anyone looking into this? If Zach is reading the comments, I wish you the best thank you so much for exposing google. If you have a gofundme I’d like to contribute. Also I hope you are thinking of working for our government we need honest people.. Thank you to New Right Network, I just learned about you tonight!! Congrats!

    • Liz –
      I have not heard of any repercussions on Google. I’m sure their legal team can defend it saying they had legit concern for their former employee’s “well being”. If cooler heads didn’t prevail and “somebody did something”, I’m sure they would have expressed heart-felt regret.

  3. Christie Syftestad September 3, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    To ZV I am so so very grateful to Zach Voorhees. I can only imagine what this has cost you. But Sir, you have shown yourself to be a treasure of a human being. The ripples of your actions will go far beyond what you did personally, as the example you’ve set will inspire others. You are a force multiplier, a force for good, in so many ways. I’d contribute to a go-fund-me account for you also,, and I will keep telling people about you and Google. And I pray for you and your safety constantly. I live in California, too. I’m a school teacher, and could no longer stomach the CA DEPT of Ed’s version of what Google is doing. So I’m a charter school teacher instead working with homeschoolers. And now they are cracking down on us, too. Can’t have people who think for themselves. So I will tell my families about Google, and I’ll tell them about you, Zach. And I will ask them, “What would you do in his shoes? What can you do in your own shoes- right now-to help return our country to the rule of law, and to freedom?” I pray you’re starting your own “Google-trend” I think you are… (Thank you to the author for this VITAL info, also). Keep it up-don’t stop👍🏻🙏🏻✅

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